The union push is a bad sign for ABC6.

Entirely apart from ideological battles, the push at the ABC6 news operation in Rhode Island is a bad sign for the station:

bamaral44: A group of staffers at ABC6 are seeking to unionize. They say they're facing stagnant pay and a lack of resources at the station. A union, they say, will bring them to the table and elevate their work.Over a quarter century of living in Rhode Island, I’ve seen no movement from ABC6 toward a greater competitive position against WJAR (10) and WPRI (12).  The perennial third-place laggard from a struggling industry in a deteriorating small-market state needs flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit across the organization, not the what’s-in-it-for-me sclerosis of a workplace model more suitable to a factory, where workers are interchangeable.

Of course, in this state, nobody will question the move, and it will likely be the final, fatal albatross for ABC6.

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Tom Letourneau
Tom Letourneau
1 month ago

The picture says it all. Especially as to the Theactrical Weather and non-stop commecials!!


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