The Politics of Charter Schools: Addendum

Confirming my thoughts from an earlier post, Jennifer Marshall and Kirk Johnson have put up a piece over at National Review Online that explains how to interpret the often conflicting Charter School data that has recently been released. In my original post, I compared the data and found that the research (PDF) of Caroline Hoxby, as opposed to that of the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), seemed more robust. According to Marshall and Johnson, Peggy Carr, the NCES Associate Commissioner for Assessment, agreed, stating that “the methodology Hoxby used, ‘is a more superior design.'”

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Anchor Rising
19 years ago

RE: Why Teachers’ Unions (Not Teachers!) Are Bad For Education

Marc’s posting highlights another outstanding piece by Terry Moe. I would encourage you to read both Marc’s fine posting and the entire editorial by Moe, which you can access in Marc’s posting. As a former East Greenwich School Committee member,…

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