Your Freedom Is Slipping Away

I have updated an earlier posting to report on the unbelievably anti-democratic actions late last week in the Rhode Island State House.
Speaker Murphy and his cronies are stealing our freedom in broad daylight. And they don’t give a damn.
Do you?

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19 years ago

Don and Company, Thanks for posting the link to our WARL streaming. The station is now sports during the day and talk in the evening. Rule Free Radio airs from 6-7. Tony Farr (otherwise known as Tony from North Providence) will begin 7-9 I think this week. Tonite Bill Felkner returns as our changing scheduled eliminated his appearance last week. Hope to have one of the Brown CRs or students for liberty join us as well. and now back to the subject of the post. Process oriented maneuvering at the legislature has aspects that properly breed cynicism, especially given the context in which the current rules were adopted, i.e. reform of closely held processes gerrymandered by the speaker. However it would be the majoritarian exercise of similar procedural prerogatives contrary to the tradition of minority protections as process assurances that could overcome filibusters of judicial nominees in the Senate. The bottom line is the majority of the legislature can pass legislation (and rules changes) and if we don’t like the legislation (or rules changes) they pass we should diselect them. Most important thing is to support the cohesion of the bipartisan opposition to insure that vetos can be upheld, since they are a constitutional mechanism and can’t be messed with in a rules context. And to support the omnibus tax relief legislation that Steve Laffey and Jim Daveys have brought forward around which electoral momentum may be built if the powers that be use new rules to deep six it. In general, thelegislative process is so damn mind numbing that I don’t honestly believe that some of the distinctions in these changes are that relevant. Of course I favor an inefficient legislative process and so regret some changes in that context, but even I think it is silly to be… Read more »

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