Wilfred M. McClay: The Evangelical Conservatism of George W. Bush

Wilfred McClay offers his thoughts on the nature of the George W. Bush administration:

What I want to look at is, specifically, how the administration of George W. Bush seems to have marked a sea change in the evolution of Republican politics, in conservatism, in the present and future alignment of our political parties and ideologies, and the role of religion in our public discourse and public action. In addition, however, I want to talk about the ways that, taking a longer-range historical view, what looks like a sea change may in fact merely be the process of this administration and the political party it leads rejoining itself, consciously or not, to certain longer traditions of American political and social reform. And I will also want to ask, in the end, whether these changes or reorientations are entirely a good thing, or whether there are aspects of them that should give pause to Americans in general, and to conservative Americans and evangelical Americans in particular.

I would encourage you to read the entire article as well as William F. Buckley, Jr.’s commentary on it.

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Israel Silverman
Israel Silverman
18 years ago

There’s a different word for it.
It’s called “pandering.” What liberals have done for a few decades. What “Republican” Cuomo has done almost as long. It’s called pandering to special interests on the left, hoping that they’ll be nice to you.
What is conservative about confusing legal immigration with illegal, and giving illegals rights many Americans don’t have? What is conservative about pretending that Social Security is a welfare program, rather than social security that people will have paid in for many decades?
George Bush wants to increase welfare? Let him be honest and call it welfare. Don’t base SS benefits on how much money you make. Don’t raise the race card just to pander to minorities.
It’s not right. It’s not equitable. And it annoys the pig.

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