Casino Gambling is Destructive, Serving No Positive Social Purpose

Thanks to Chuck over at The Senescent Man, check out this website entitled Kay Coalition Against Casino Gambling (KAYCO), which is a statewide coordinating body helping local community groups to resist the spread of the gambling industry in their neighborhoods.
Casino gambling serves no positive social purpose. We must continue to oppose all attempts to impose it any further on our state.

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Israel Silverman
Israel Silverman
18 years ago

At least casinos, for all the social evils they creat and enhance, do not take half the action.
With state-sanctioned lottery gambling, over half the amount bet is simply taken by the state (e.g. a 1000-1 $1 ticket yields $5,000) and even more (say no one wins a lottery).
By contrast, casinos take what, from 10-30% or a little more, depending on the game?

Israel Silverman
Israel Silverman
18 years ago

Oh, and one more thing.
State lotteries are evil because they pretend to advance good social causes, such as school funding. NYS, for example, shows tons of pictures talking about how the lottery monies help the schools (so that saps who play can even feel that they are somehow helping).
In so doing, the state treats its citizens like morons. Only morons do not understand that lottery money does not get added on to whatever else the state would allocate towards education. Rather, it the legislature simply sees how much came in from lottery, and takes other monies and puts them to other use, with the lottery money plugging the whole.
It’s that simple.

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