A Vacation to Remember in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

My family just recently returned from a vacation in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
An unbelievably breathtaking experience.
Among other things, we were fortunate to see grizzly and brown bears, elk, bison, osprey, deer, moose and many other animals.
The physical features of both parks are simply stunning.
We had the pleasure of joining two other families in an educational program run by the Yellowstone Association. Our tour guide, Linda Young, was nothing less than outstanding. She had been a ranger in the Park for 6 years and experiences from those years allowed her to regale us with stories based on her deep knowledge of the Park. Many thanks to Linda for making it such a remarkable and enjoyable time.
An experience not to be missed.

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Marc Comtois
18 years ago

While not as impressive, my own clan enjoyed some time at one of America’s other “most visited” parks, Acadia, in “Downeast” Maine. (Yep, that’s why the dearth of posting). We also had a nice time and it reminded me that, believe it or not, there are very few people who actually care about a lot of the stuff we blog about. Adds some perspective, but didn’t dissuade me! Finally, I returned from vacation to a job promotion, so the plate on that side is a bit fuller than normal. Regular blogging will commence soon (hopefully!)

18 years ago

Welcome back. Can you teach the rest of us the secret of geeting promotions by going on vacation?

Marc Comtois
18 years ago

Attrition! re: Outlast your peers

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