Able Danger: Does it Lead to a Further Chinese Communist Connection to the Clinton Administration?

It is impossible to know right now what is true in the Able Danger story. With that in mind, Power Line has this interesting posting that highlights potential issues we should keep in mind as we watch events unfold on this story.
The China story is not a new one; here is a previous posting, which has additional links at the bottom to other postings. The recent joint Russian-Chinese military war games only reinforce some of the points in those postings.
Nor is the Clinton Administration’s connection to illicit behaviors by Chinese Communists a new story. As I wrote in this posting:

We cannot forget that the real price America is likely to pay for the Clinton-Gore years will not be from inappropriate sexual dalliances, but from that administration’s peculiar dealings with China, which Bill Gertz outlines in his 2001 book entitled Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security. Character does matter in the end.

In addition to the inappropriate transfer of technology to China during the Clinton administration, do not forget that over 120 people either exercised Fifth Amendment rights or fled the country when asked to testify under oath about highly questionnable Chinese foreign money contributions to the Clinton-Gore campaign.
So character does matter in the end and Bill Clinton is Exhibit #1. He showed empirically that the underlying unethical habits that led him to conduct dishonorable behaviors in private did carry over into some important public behaviors as President.

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