The United Nations and the Internet

What do they mean, exactly, when they say the United Nations is trying to take over the internet? Bascially, they mean that at the next meeting of the WSIS, the WGIG may recommend replacing ICANN with a more direct authority over the 13 root name servers.
I explain in a bit more detail in my latest TechCentralStation column.

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18 years ago

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”
No good whatsoever could possibly come from ceding authority over something that has become absolutely vital to our nation’s security interests to an unaccountable, unelected, untrustworthy and otherwise – let me just say it – evil organization like the UN.
The UN doesn’t just want “authority” over the Internet; what they want is “control.” To whom do they answer? What, how, and why do they want control? What you can control, you can regulate; what you can regulate, you can tax. The power to tax is the power to destroy.

Marc Comtois
18 years ago

FYI, your article garnered mention on the Corner from Johah Goldberg:”We haven’t discussed the UN’s scheme to take over the internet enough. Here’s a good place to start.” Nice job!

Fred on the Blog
Fred on the Blog
18 years ago

Well I guess this is where I go into a none Politically correct tyraid. Why is it that the USA can not realize that as soon as the UN ( oil for food, Close your Eyes on genocide in Sudan, Rag Head Controlled, Anti America, Socialistic or should that be Sadistic, none parking ticket paying) takes control of the internet there will be corruption and a TAX for use. I think we should move the ENTIRE UN BUILDING to France and stop sending them money. Do we really need the UN?
God Bless America!

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