Byron York, using figures from the website PoliticalMoneyLine, noted that, among other things, the Charles Schumer (D-NY) led National Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commitee outpaced the Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) led National Republican Senatorial Campaign Commitee, $3,030,580 to $2,350,853 in October and leads overall $20,588,392 to $9,127,833, respectively. In response, he received a number of emails, of which (York says) this was representative:

I suspect that there are others who refuse to give to the RSCC for the same reason as mine. Under various chairmen/persons, this committee has stuck its nose in Republican primary campaigns to support RINO incumbents against a conservative or more conservative challengers, as follows:
Rhode Island–Chafee/Laffey
It appears that the committee is just out to protect its incumbent members, spineless lot that they are, and that’s inexcusable in my opinion.
I know I decided not to contribute to the RNC or NRSC, but instead to try to contribute to individual senators’ accounts, because I cannot stand the official Republican support of the RINOs and McCain (not a RINO but close), and their backtracking on true Conservative issues. Do you think they get the message yet?
The RSCC is supporting Chaffee in RI over a conservative and I, a conservative, am supposed to approve of this? I’ll support specific conservative candidates but the days of supporting national GOP organizations is long over.

I wonder if the anonymous emailer is, perchance, an Anchor Rising reader/contributor? It certainly sounds like the sort of thing brought up in our debates for the last few months. I think it is close to the mark, though there are probably other factors. The Republicans are defending fewer Senate seats this year (15 to 18) than are the Democrats and of the five open seats, 4 are in the Democrat column. I also think the Dems are more motivated this far out. Nonetheless, as has been stated before, the fundamental purpose of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee is, above all else, the re-election of current Republican senators. It’ll be interesting to see if their current strategy works.

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