Senators Chafee and Reed Filibuster Defense Appropriations

Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online is reporting that Senator Lincoln Chafee has joined with the Democrats (including Senator Jack Reed) to filibuster this year’s Defense Department appropriation until a provision allowing oil-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is removed.
By the way, to read a more sensible approach to energy policy, click here.


The Associated Press confirms ANWR oil-drilling as the reason for the filibuster. (h/t Kathryn Jean Lopez).

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Anchor Rising
18 years ago

Laffey, ANWR, and the Link between Foreign Policy and Energy Policy

While none of us should be surprised about Senator Chafee’s vote opposing ANWR drilling, some may be surprised to learn that Mayor Stephen Laffey-who ties energy policy and national security together in an op-ed in today’s journal–also opposes ANWR dr…

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