State of the State: Energy Policy Proposals

Governor Carcieri outlines a five-point energy program…
1. Promote conservation.
2. Increase LNG capacity without building facilities in populated areas.
3. Assistance to vulnerable households.
4. Reform the pricing system for electricity.
5. Vigorously pursue alternative energy. Goal of using wind-power to produce 15% of RI energy

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john b
john b
18 years ago

In regards to the Gov’s proposed energy program, let me just say the following: What the @#%& !!!???
There is immediate and effective power that can be excercised RIGHT NOW to curb the cost of energy prices, and that power lies in the office of Attorney General!
I suggest putting AG Spiderman Lynch on the hot seat RIGHT NOW rather than chumming up with him on DUI and RWMC. What is the Gov thinking?
Using the windfall profits of the utility companies that the AG allowed them to collect to expand welfare? This doesn’t sound like someone who has a good grasp of where the power in regards to regulation lies.
Should we set up welfare programs every time that our regulated monopolies take in more money than they are entitled to? or should we face the problem head-on in the beginning of the process with effective representation from the AG and the PUC?
THAT’S how we control energy costs: by controlling the companies that control the energy!
The AG should do that, but hasn’t. The Gov should recognize that, but isn’t.

18 years ago

While I share some of John’s concerns, I think it is one of those issues that can encompass all of what he said, in addition to the governor’s proposals. I don’t think it’s an either/or type of situation. We do need to look at the regulatory side of it, but we also need to explore developing other sources of energy, too.
Here’s my proposal. Locate the new wind turbines on the State House lawn. Harnessing all of the hot air coming out of the General Assembly’s windbags should more than take care of our state’s energy needs!

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