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Back in December, the National Republican Senatorial Committee–in support of Sen. Chafee–decided to try to undermine Steve Laffey’s conservativism by claiming he was really a tax-and-spender. Well, by reading the comments (select “View all comments” at the aforementioned page), you’ll find that a few people have tried to set them straight. Interestingly, the thread is still growing given the recent Alito vote–possibly because the NSRC has decided to put Sen. Chafee “In the Spotlight” this week. Oops–good timing guys. If nothing else, reading the comments calling for the NRSC to “wake up” can be a cathartic experience.
Meanwhile, the NRSC is making much of the fact that Michigan Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow is supported by the radical, left-wing Emily’s List and are claiming that she voted for the attempted filibuster of Alito because she is beholden to this pro-abortion organization. Apparently, NARAL isn’t considered as left-wing by the NSRC. Maybe because they’re the second-highest single contributor to Sen. Chafee’s re-election campaign? (Here’s another way to look at this data–look for yellow).

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18 years ago

That’s a curious datum. Wouldn’t NARAL be better served by a Democrat? I mean, no matter how Chafee votes on the issue, NARAL’s greater priority should be a Democratic majority. What does this say about the conventional wisdom that a Democrat would inevitably beat anyone but Chafee in the general election?

Marc Comtois
Marc Comtois
18 years ago

It could be they’re just hedging their bets. As of now, there is no data for Democrats Whitehouse or Brown at the same site, but I haven’t dug too deeply. I’d suspect that NARAL plans to donate to whomever emerges on the Democrat side. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for their official endorsement.

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