Condi for Prez!

WASHINGTON D.C. — I had a quick opportunity to talk to Jessie Jane Duff, who is leading the movement to draft Condoleezza Rice to run for President of the United States. I asked if she believed that Dr. Rice could win in Rhode Island. She answered that Dr. Rice could defeat any Democrat.
I asked if Dr. Rice could beat Rudy Guiliani in a primary in Rhode Island. Ms. Duff answered that it would be a piece of cake, but that Mr. Guiliani would be a fine vice-presidential nominee.

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18 years ago

Regarding the Condoleezza Rice for President vision; allow me to add a few points on the issue. Madam Secretary Rice has a current job in the Bush Administration which demands her time and energy to serve our president. So instead of trying to use her position to fluff herself up as a 2008 contender, she is dedicated to helping President Bush solve Middle East turmoil, rebuild relationships with European leaders, and taking a day off to enjoy the Super Bowl in Michigan. On the other hand, by testing the waters and finding support for Madam Rice to be considered as a possible Republican candidate, our group has build a strong base to continue over the coming months and strengthen it. Sharpening the message is achieved as our group continued to speak about why we believe she is the most qualified and most experienced person to step into the Oval Office in January 2009.

Pete Larson
Pete Larson
18 years ago

Yes, the booth promoting Madam Secretary for the 2008 ticket was one of the best I saw at CPAC. The strange thing is that the media failed to give much reporting about the event with thousands of people from as far away as Alaska coming to DC to get information and also mingle with conservative leaders. This might explain why fewer newspapers are selling these days, we can’t trust the reporters to give information to their readers.
My girlfriend and I agree that the only person who can carry on the Bush vision for our nation is Madam Secretary Rice. And if President Bush wants to leave a mark on history, he will wrap his arms around her and call Condi “my heir apparent, my legacy woman”. Laura Bush has been laying the groundwork, in my opinion, to show how much support there is for Condi to run in 2008.
Free speech lives in the blogworld, and I can celebrate the joy of seeing the Democrats in a battle of the leadership vacuum of their party. The more Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are in a pissing contest for leadership, I just have to laugh. Now I just hope the Republicans and conservatives benefit from the lack of effective leadership with the Dems.

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