Jonah Goldberg offers these words on the destruction of the Askariya mosque, a sacred Shiite mosque in Iraq:

But where are the protests in London and Denmark and Pakistan (other than the anti-American ones) denouncing the destruction of the shrine in Iraq? You judge people by what they do. Is blowing up Mosques and Holy Shrines not as offensive to mainstream Muslims as doodling cartoons in Denmark? No? Prove it.

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18 years ago

Speaking of hypocrisy why won’t this pro-Laffey blog address the actions of Laffey minion Davie Quiroa and his sleazy personal attacks using the race card against the governor?
Afraid that people are starting to see the connection here?
Your silence on this issue is very curious!

Fred Sanford
Fred Sanford
18 years ago

Tim, we are all ignoring you.

don roach
18 years ago

I posted this on a left-leaning message board. I completely agree with Mr. Quiroa. I can’t speak for the other guys but Kass’ comments were horrible…to say the least:
I had occasion to speak with you while you were on the air and I thought you to be one of the most fair-minded radio personalities. You even said that had you been part of the Carcieri administration the Smoke Shop raid would never occurred. But your response to the Latino community in general and Mr. Quiroa specifically make it difficult for conservatives such as myself to continue to have any hope in this state.
Illegal immigrant children aren’t and shouldn’t be the target of this administration. We’re talking about kids! Kids whose parents may have brought their children to this country legally or illegally, but kids whose current status is that of ‘illegal alien.’ So is the best response to cut off health care to those least responsible but most affected by their legal status?
I say no, and I am as disappointed in your response as I was with the Governor’s when he raided the smoke shop. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem in this state and in the country. But the solution is not to cut healthcare to kids. It’s not. And I doubt there is anyway you, the governor, or anyone else will be able to defend that position and not come off looking very callus, out-of-touch, and uninterested in an important segment of the Rhode Island population.
If that’s what you’re trying to communicate….the point is coming across loud and clear.
Don Roach
Contributor, AnchorRising.com

18 years ago

Don it is you who are out of touch.
The entire issue of illegal aliens sucking off the taxpayer is a winner for the governor.
Perhaps you’re spending a bit too much time with your friends on left leaning
blogs and not enough time listening to the reaction on this story from average citizens/voters.

Joe Mahn
Joe Mahn
18 years ago

I don’t see any posts from Tim on this issue. I wonder where he is? Maybe he’s out with Lamont at the dump trying to dig up more trash for his next stink fest.
J Mahn

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