Random Thoughts

I haven’t posted much lately, mostly because of real world “busy-ness” with work and family. One result of all of this activity is that ideas and thoughts flitter across the mind only to leave again, half-resolved. However, the benefit of a blog is that these things don’t have to remain that way. So, if you’ll indulge me, here are a few random thoughts.
The GOP is walking a fine line in the whole Foley affair. If you run along the moral high ground, the fall is farther and faster. By this point, I’ve come to expect the worse from any Congressional majority. The GOP has blown many opportunities to implement an overall, conservative program of government. They have offered a few scraps here and there, but only when pushed (Border fence, PorkBusters). Instead, it seems as if keeping power for its own sake has become more important to the GOP leadership. Now, that’s a very cynical view….especially because….what exactly do Democrats offer for an alternative? Elect them because they want the power so that they can, well…what exactly? Have the power themselves?
By the way, Patrick Kennedy should really refrain from commenting on the moral failure of anyone, shouldn’t he? For that matter, Democrats lecturing anyone on covering up the pecidillo’s of politicians should check the mirror. Sheesh.
It’s almost election time and Bob Woodward has a new book out. Whoda thunk?
On principle, I’m opposed to gambling for mostly moral reasons and good ol’ fashioned Yankee thriftiness. I’ve also said (ad naseum) that the biggest addicts to casino gambling are the legislators who get addicted to the revenue generated by it. Thus, I hope that if we deny the General Assembly revenue, they won’t find new ways to spend it. Therefore, maybe I’m on the wrong side of this casino issue. If it is true that the state will lose revenue if a new casino is approved, wouldn’t that mean that the legislature would have less money at their discretion (especially with slippage)? If that’s the case, shouldn’t I support the casino in the belief that the legislature will “starve”? In an ideal world, probably. But if there’s one thing we can count on, the General Assembly will never hesitate to raise “revenue” via increased taxation.
And there’s also no doubt that very few of us will experience “property tax relief” thanks to a casino. Somehow, I don’t think the General Assembly will allow such a “trickle down affect” to occur.
I don’t think anyone, other than possibly the Derderian’s, is happy with the outcome of the Station non-trial. What a complete tragedy.
A couple lighter notes:
If you’ve ever worked in one, you’ll appreciate The Office. I wonder what Joseph Campbell would say about some of those archetypes? (By the way, Dwight makes the show, for me).
Why did people ever put linoleum (or carpets) over hard wood floors? A quest for modernity, I suppose….but now I’ve gotta pay for the more aesthetically pleasing “hardwoods throughout the house” look with both $ and sore muscles.
No Red Sox in October: kinda weird. And I don’t think it’s going to get better next year.

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