Examining the Bond Issues: Index

Over the past week or so I’ve written on the Bond Issues that will be placed before RI voters on November 7. I’m not entirely clear on the positives or negatives of all of the questions, but the comments offered have helped to clarify my own thoughts. Since we’ve got a week+ to go–and because I generally like to wrap up a series of posts in such a way–I thought it’d be helpful to put all of the posts together in an Index (or would it be a Table of Contents?) so that those so inclined can take a look at them.
Examining the Bond Issues I : Higher Education
Examining the Bond Issues II: Transportation
Examining the Bond Issues III: The Zoo
Examining the Bond Issues IV: Recreation
Examining the Bond Issues V: Affordable Housing

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17 years ago

Just say no. We can’t afford any of it!

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