Wanting What We Don’t Have: America Needs Two Vibrant Political Parties Competing With Each Other

I hope the Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives in tomorrow’s election.
I am a conservative who happens to be a registered Republican. My disgust with the Republican Congress is intense. As I have said to many friends in recent months, they have done in 12 years what the Democrats took 40 years to do.
A more detailed reflection on the policy reasons for my disgust have been previously articulated on this site in many previous posts.
Now is not the time to regurgitate the specifics. Rather, it is a time to focus on the big picture:
The current Republican party needs some time in the wilderness in order to rediscover its currently lost connections to beliefs in limited government, to the defense of freedom and ordered liberty. Hopefully, they can find some new leaders with principles in time for the crucial 2008 elections.
And what could be better for the American people than to see the House be led for two years by a bunch of left-wing lunatics, to experience a sampling for 2 years before 2008 of what little the Democrats can offer during a time when our country is engaged in a world war with Islamic fascists dedicated to destroying America.
The overriding problem here is we have two political parties who stand for nothing but either the retention or gaining of political power for the sake of power itself.
For the long-term good of America, we need two vibrant political parties competing with each other. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing. Both political parties have become devoid of a vision for the future of America. The Democrats have been devoid of vision for several decades. The Republicans have become devoid of vision, because they have faced little real competition and they are devoid of leaders with any coherent views of the world.
Think about the effect of this vision-less world view: Political races this year have become focused on the efficiency of voter turnout operations rather than articulating a vision for America that creates a natural passion within individual citizens to stand up and be counted in the voting booth.
And America is worse off for it.

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17 years ago

I think you missed something in your analysis. There is a growing ‘center’ coming from both the Republicans (Chafee, Specter) and Democrats (Leiberman, Obama, Ford) that I give a fair shot at splintering off and forming a viable THIRD party with ideals of strong national defense and strong civil liberties. Pro gay marriage, pro legalized pot, pro personal freedom.
Personally, I’d like to see a reasonable third option and I’d really enjoy seeing its creation in the next two years by seeing 30% of both houses of Congress bolting their parties to form the new one.

Tom W
Tom W
17 years ago

“Amen!” Mr. Hawthorne.

17 years ago

And “Amen” again. You nailed it, Don.

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