Goose, Meet Gander

From yesterday’s Meet the Press interview transcript with Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut

MR. RUSSERT: Jim Jeffords of Vermont crossed over and joined the Democrats.
MR. RUSSERT: And they gave — they gave him his committee chairmanship.
MR. RUSSERT: You’re, you’re not ruling that out at some future time?
SEN. LIEBERMAN: I’m not ruling it out, but I hope I don?t get to that point?
Earlier in the interview, Senator Lieberman did reject the idea of any immediate switch to the Republican party…
MR. RUSSERT: You will caucus with the Democrats?
SEN. LIEBERMAN: I will caucus with the Democrats. I said that to my constituents throughout. I’m going to caucus with the Democrats both because it’s good for my constituents in Connecticut, because I retained my seniority, I become a committee chair, but also I want to continue to work to bring the party back to its historic traditions of, of strength on national security, foreign policy and innovation, and progress in domestic policy — the, the Harry Truman/John F. Kennedy Democrat that, that I was raised to be.
Senator Lieberman is now the independent maverick swing vote on the Senate’s Homeland Security, Armed Services, Environment and Public Works and Small Business committees.

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17 years ago

But couldn’t he single handedly swing the Senate Republican?

17 years ago

Think Dubya’s kicking himself for having apparently promised Secterary of Defense to Robert Gates? Offering Leiberman that job would’ve been a deliciously Machiavellian way to make the Senate 50-50 again (or was the White House afraid Jodi Rell would appoint Lowell Weicker?).

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