DePetro and Yorke: Can they be Happy Together?

When I read that WPRO had dropped morning host Dave Barber, my first thought was that they must have hired someone new. The only question was: who? Too early for Buddy…Arlene? Now we know, as reported by both the ProJo and Phoenix, former WRKO and WHJJ host John DePetro has joined the WPRO fold. The move makes sense insofar as WPRO probably wants to strengthen its claim as the region’s top local talk station, especially since WHJJ has gone a different way. Of course, the big question is: How is this going to play with Dan Yorke? As most political addicts know, they don’t exactly have a history of getting along.
UPDATE: For the record, Yorke mentioned on his show (around 3:55 PM) that his official reaction to the DePetro hiring was “No Comment.”

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17 years ago

All I will say about DePetro’s intellect is that he got himself turfed taking a cheap shot at a candidate who got 1 percent of the vote. The man’s just a schoolyard bully (or Howie Carr wannabe).
What happens to Yorke now? A couple of RIF posters are speculating he’s going to work for Carcieri, or will be asked to take a lesser position once Buddy leaves stir. Seems the only lesser position available at PRO is at noon…does that mean PRO is ready to flush Rush? (And HJJ will kick Helen Glover to the curb faster than you can say Survivor: Thailand – I had the feeling she was sent to midday to die.)
Not that I’d blame Yorke for cashing in his chips. PRO management just slapped him in the face – the thanks he gets for vanquishing Arlene Violet.
I can’t wait to see the Alleged Independent Man’s ego and hubris do him in again.

17 years ago

If only we could have seen Yorke’s face when they told him John was coming back — and to WPRO! That seems like a lot more than a slap in the face to me. I’m sure WPRO management has told DePetro to try to be nice and all that, so as to avoid any future “problems.”
PS I saw DePetro at Rudy Giuliani’s recent fundraiser at the Westin, so that kind of got me wondering then that he might be coming back, though I had assumed it would be on WHJJ.
BTW, does anyone know when Yorke’s contract will be expiring?

17 years ago

Having Depetro back in RI is going to be fun. He did a great job of keeping the public informed during Plunder Dome. And I have little doubt he’s going to have plenty of material to work with for a long time.
I think they’ll keep Rush in the same time slot, just to keep the distance between John and Dan, coming and going.
If Yorke quits, they should put DePetro in the drive-home slot.

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