Utah Voucher Plan on Hold

The Utah voucher plan for funding public education is being challenged under a provision of Utah law that permits the voters to repeal laws via referendum. From the Salt Lake City Tribune

Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert on Monday declared a referendum petition drive to overturn Utah’s school voucher law “sufficient,” meaning the law is on hold until the public votes on a repeal.
Herbert’s office verified 124,218 valid signatures among more than 131,000 reportedly submitted to county clerks this month by Utahns for Public Schools, a group of voucher opponents made up mostly of parents, teachers and school administrators…
The petition drive shelves Utah’s new Parent Choice in Education Act, which provides public tuition assistance to help parents transfer their children to private schools.
Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has suggested he’ll put the referendum on the February 2008 Western States Presidential Primary ballot because that is the nearest funded election. It would cost $3.5 million to hold a statewide vote during a special June election or November’s municipal general
Huntsman probably will announce the election date during a special legislative session he intends to call in mid-May, spokesman Mike Mower said. The session will enable legislators to amend state law, which currently allows referendum elections in only June or November.

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