Re: Now Here’s an Interesting Development

Warwick Daily Times editor Louis C. Hochman summarizes…

For those of you who are keeping track, at this point we’ve got new media (Anchor Rising) commenting on old media (the Warwick Daily Times), which was reporting on how new media (RIFuture, and later Anchor Rising) commented on old media ([Dan Yorke’s] show)…
…and editorializes on the chain of the “varied and sometimes seemingly self-contradictory” responses to the Dan Yorke/Scott Avedisian kerfuffle…
It’s a credit to both Katz and Jerzyk (both of whom participated in our coverage as sources) that they’ve been able to turn an insensitive comment by an often-abrasive talk show host into an intelligent discussion on the responsibilities of media, Internet-age, transistor-age and printing-press-age alike. It’s just too bad our local Imus-of-the-moment didn’t put quite as much thought into what he had to say.

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