The Coming Summer in Iraq

Word is that Iran is getting ready to finance and run a major offensive in Iraq this summer in and effort “to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal.”

Tehran’s strategy to discredit the US surge and foment a decisive congressional revolt against Mr Bush is national in scope and not confined to the Shia south, its traditional sphere of influence, the senior official in Baghdad said. It included stepped-up coordination with Shia militias such as Moqtada al-Sadr’s Jaish al-Mahdi as well as Syrian-backed Sunni Arab groups and al-Qaida in Mesopotamia, he added. Iran was also expanding contacts across the board with paramilitary forces and political groups, including Kurdish parties such as the PUK, a US ally.

Meanwhile, the Iraqis are preparing for just such an eventuality. Perhaps the most important development is political, here at home. Former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey, Vietnam War veteran and member of the 9/11 Commission, has written an important editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal.

American liberals need to face these truths: The demand for self-government was and remains strong in Iraq despite all our mistakes and the violent efforts of al Qaeda, Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias to disrupt it….Much of Iraq’s middle class has fled the country in fear.
With these facts on the scales, what does your conscience tell you to do? If the answer is nothing, that it is not our responsibility or that this is all about oil, then no wonder today we Democrats are not trusted with the reins of power….The key question for Congress is whether or not Iraq has become the primary battleground against the same radical Islamists who declared war on the U.S. in the 1990s and who have carried out a series of terrorist operations including 9/11. The answer is emphatically “yes.”
This does not mean that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11; he was not. Nor does it mean that the war to overthrow him was justified–though I believe it was. It only means that a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq would hand Osama bin Laden a substantial psychological victory.
Those who argue that radical Islamic terrorism has arrived in Iraq because of the U.S.-led invasion are right. But they are right because radical Islam opposes democracy in Iraq….Jim Webb said something during his campaign for the Senate that should be emblazoned on the desks of all 535 members of Congress: You do not have to occupy a country in order to fight the terrorists who are inside it. Upon that truth I believe it is possible to build what doesn’t exist today in Washington: a bipartisan strategy to deal with the long-term threat of terrorism.
The American people will need that consensus regardless of when, and under what circumstances, we withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq. We must not allow terrorist sanctuaries to develop any place on earth. Whether these fighters are finding refuge in Syria, Iran, Pakistan or elsewhere, we cannot afford diplomatic or political excuses to prevent us from using military force to eliminate them.

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16 years ago

I believe we are getting done what needs to be done in Iraq. I don’t like it one bit, my brother is there, forty-seven years old with four kids and a wife at home. He doesn’t like it either, nor does his family but he has the courage and faith in our government to see things through. The fact that we are able to assemble a military force up to the enormous challenge in the Middle East regardless of all the bi-partisan bickering in Washington and the complacency of most Americans is something that makes me proud to be an American citizen. We are not able to defend our lives and interests by chance, rather it is ordinary people doing extraordinary things throughout our history, led by imperfect, but I still beleive, right minded leaders.
I say, lets finish what we started.

Marc Comtois
16 years ago

For what it’s worth, my heartfelt thanks to your brother for his service.

16 years ago

It’s worth a lot, I’m sure he’ll read your comment, he’s a true Scituate Republican who checks here now and then. Thanks from me as well.

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