The Message to Miss USA

A live audience in Mexico booed Miss USA during the interview portion of last night’s Miss Universe pageant. So there will be no lingering bad feelings between nations, let’s attempt to understand in the best possible light the message the audience was trying to deliver.
There will be a temptation to view the message as a selfish one…

Boooooooo….Miss USA, why should we have to live next to and take care of our own underprivileged citizens? Booooooo….We think someone else, namely your country, should take care of them for us instead,
…but the message may have been more altruistic…
Boooooo….Please Miss USA, tell your leaders to be humane. Booooooo….After all, much of our own country is a stinking hell-hole. It’s unconscionable that a great nation like yours could support policies that would force anyone wanting to leave to keep living in this dump. Boooooo….booooo.
This understanding of the potential atruism in the booing should help clear up any misunderstandings.

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16 years ago

People who go to beauty pagents are weird.

16 years ago

I truly pity Miss USA and the new Miss Universe, who are stuck with a sanctimonious @#$% of a boss for the next two years.

16 years ago

And here I was laboring under the misapprehension that they were classless, selfish boors. Thank you for helping us see this behavior through their eyes, Andrew.

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