Teaching American History and Government

I just returned from two weeks at Ashland University in Ohio where I taught two courses as part of an excellent program for teachers of American history and government. It is a program that serious teachers in Rhode Island ought to investigate: the Master of American History and Government (MAHG) degree program, a unique curriculum designed specifically for middle and high school teachers of history, civics and government.
The program was created to address the lack of proper history and civic education in our schools. The AU MAHG provides teachers with a deep and broad understanding of American history, government, and civics by focusing not on methodology or classroom management, but on the substance of the disciplines. The program is unique in that it stresses the use of original historical documents in the classroom.
The AU MAHG is tailor made for teachers. Courses consist of intensive week-long seminars offered only during the summer. This summer, a total of seventeen courses are being offered over five weeks.
The MAHG program has gained a national reputation. Last year, nearly 300 students from 50 states took courses in the program. Though most are teachers taking courses for professional development, more than 60 students from around the country, including Alaska and Hawaii, are currently enrolled in the degree program. The program provides a unique and convenient alternative for teachers across the nation seeking a master’s degree.
This was my sixth year teaching in the program. I had the opportunity to teach one intensive week-long course on Sectionalism and the Coming of the Civil War and another on the Civil War and Reconstruction. The students were interested and motivated. It was a pleasure to teach such dedicated professionals.
I hope RI teachers will look in to this program. I hope to see some of you in Ashland Ohio next summer. If you are interested in the syllabi for all the courses offered this year, click “Summer 2007 Schedule” on the menu to the left on the MAHG site.

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16 years ago

Was the “Bonus March” on the curriculum?

Russell Diesinger
16 years ago

I am a teacher who is involved in this program. It is intense and very rich in content. I am sure that my involvement makes me a better teacher. I am looking forward to next summer.
Russ Diesinger
Reading High School
Reading, PA

Fred Muller
Fred Muller
14 years ago

I am retired Navy and love American History, especially Military and Civil War studies. I have a B.S in Information Systems which provides for my current income. I want to pursue a Masters Degree in American History and eventually teach. Some schools required a B.A. in History to apply for a MA. I’ve researched online and traditional schools. Ashland seems to fit my subject interest, but I am not a teacher. Your comments and/or ideas are welcomed.

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