John DePetro, WPRO 630 AM at 9 a.m. this morning

I will be on John’s radio show at 9 a.m. this morning to talk about the East Greenwich teachers’ strike.
I will now be on at 9:30 a.m. instead of 9:00 a.m.

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Linda Bibee
Linda Bibee
16 years ago

John, I was listening to you this morning regarding the Cranston Police dept. lowering it’s standard so more would qualify. I also, cannot believe this. My husband came downstairs with the morning newpaper stating this is outrageous, then he gave me the article to read. It is outrageous.
We should not be lowering the standards for ANY INDIVIDUAL. Individuals should be rising up to meet the standards. Police officers carry weapons, they need to fill out reports. I agree with Steven from Cranston who called in when he said since we taxpayers are paying the salaries of the police we should have a right to vote on this. I did sit down after I read the article and sent a letter to Lets see if it gets printed. Linda Bibee (glad your back)

16 years ago

They threw you out of Boston so you come crawling back to Providence. I was listening to you for a bit this morning and believe that you are definitely a bigot. Shame on you.

14 years ago

John, I was wondering why the Ma health reform is not being discussed on the talk show. I agree with you 99% of the time. But I live in Ma. where health care is mandatory and it has been the best thing going for the state. The cost is dtermined by your income which is reviewed on a yearly basis. I pay $ 42.00 a month for mine. It is mandatory that physicals are conducted each year. If it wasn’t for living in Ma my high blood preasue would have been un-noticed creating even more serious problems. This is called preventative care. I have to make co-payments such as $15 for a doctor’s visit or $ 50 for a hospital payment. I also suffer from sleep apnea in which I am being treated for. This included a sleep test in a hospital and a breathing machine so I could sleep at night preventing my breathing to stop. The only problem that Ma had at the begining is over crowded waiting rooms all this has smoothed out. I work full time and dont have the benefits as others do. This is not fair everyone should have the same. If I did not live in Ma Blue Cross would be charging me $ 75 a week. That is one third of my pay. I could not survive financially if I was to live in another state. Health care reform is needed. Medical costs are too high . Prescriptions are too high. Thank you I listen to you every day.

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