Creatures of a Rhode Island Halloween: Prologue

Last year, Anchor Rising assisted local trick-or-treaters by preparing them for some of the more unusual creatures they may encounter on Halloween night in Rhode Island.
There was Bigfoot, once observed in the woods of Charlestown…

Beside the tall fractured stump stood what looked like a large white (yellow white) ape. It was maybe 6 to 7 feet tall, its hair was long, face flat, long massive arms, its head appeared to be without any neck, its chest was broad.
My mother and I froze momentarily (5 seconds, maybe 10) and the figure remained still, staring at us…
There was a “Block Ness Monster“, i.e. Block Island’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, whose remains have washed ashore from time to time…
They actually saw it from the shore: a blur of whiteness underneath the waves just beyond the break. The two waded back into the surf and, to their astonishment, found the coiled skeletal remains of an indeterminate undersea creature….
“If you imagine the fish intact, it was a very large fish”, [said oceanographer Jeremy Collie]. This echoes what he said when initially surveying the remains on Friday: “There was much more of this fish — it was a monster. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that.”
And there was the ghost who appeared in West Greenwich to tell people that she was not a vampire…
His wife [returned to Nellie Vaughn’s gravesite] several months later where she happened to encounter a young, dark-haired woman who claimed to be a member of a local historical society. When their conversation shifted to discussion of Nellie Vaughn, the young woman became agitated and started repeating, “Nellie is not a vampire.”
Shaken, the Coventry woman turned to leave and when she looked back to ensure the disturbed woman was not following her, she found the cemetery empty.
These entities and apparitions may still be out there. And this year, we add three more to watch out for…

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16 years ago

Then there are the vampires who retire at 41, collect free Ritecare and babystting even though in the country illegaly, demand unsustainable benefits and pensions and have roamed the state for 75 years-seemingly immortal.

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