Re: “Un pueblo unido no mas sera vencido!”

The report on yesterday’s storming of Smith Hill reminds me of an observation that Rocco DiPippo made when we were covering the International Workers of the World anti-police rally in North Providence a few months ago — the United States is one of the safest places in the world to hold a demonstration of any kind, because you can count on the police and public safety personnel here in the U.S. to act honorably and professionally. Rhode Island’s Capitol police showed that again yesterday.
And yet the consistent message heard at Rhode Island illegal immigration demonstrations and rallies is that cops can’t be trusted, so it’s better not to enforce certain laws at all. Oh, the ingratitude!
Will it ever dawn on Rhode Island’s illegal immigration activists that demanding that police and other public safety personnel ignore laws for political reasons asks them to act a little less professionally, and a little more like the police from the countries that people are desperate to escape from in mass numbers?

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