Two Feel-Good Stories

Times are tough, but we shouldn’t be blind to the uplifting stories that are out there. Here are a couple.
William Kamkwamba was a 14 year old school dropout from Malawi. He wanted electricity to help his village. So he went to the library, read some books and built a windmill. Here’s more (h/t).

As a former jock (who still hasn’t admitted that those days are over….), I firmly believe that sports are a mirror of our society. If that is the case, then the story “Touching them All” can give us hope that there are those in the next generation who have learned the importance of character.

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15 years ago

Thanks for that Marc. I copied the ESPN story and posted it on my blog. Stories like that need to be told. I’m always amazed at the number of truly dramatic, life altering moments that pass without anybody noticing.

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