Who’ll Be the New King of the RI Senate’s Financial Hill?

It looks like speculation can officially begin: Who’s going to be the new chair of the Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee?

The current members (minus those not returning) are…

Senator Stephen D. AlvesChairperson
Senator Frank A. Ciccone IIIMember
Senator Walter S. Felag Jr.1st Vice Chairperson
Senator Hanna M. GalloSecretary
Senator June N. GibbsMember
Senator Maryellen GoodwinMember
Senator Beatrice A. Lanzi2nd Vice Chairperson
Senator Paul E. MouraMember
Senator Juan M. PichardoMember
Senator Dominick J. RuggerioMember

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15 years ago

Don’t count Alves out yet. Despite stating that he’s enjoying being a civilian again, and that he didn’t plan on running after this term he seems willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to get a mulligan.
Just another scumbag #@&*$# Rhode Island politician desperately trying to hold onto power at least long enough to shred the evidence against him.

James L.
James L.
15 years ago

My money’s on king dummy Dan Connors. He’s Montalbano’s right hand man. Connors is the same guy who “wasn’t drunk” yet he hit a telephone pole on the other side of the road with his car and then walked a mile and a half to David Cruise’s house. Though he wasn’t drunk. Dan Connors, the guy who took three tries to pass the RI Bar exam. Dan Connors, the same guy who was handed a Dir. of HR job in Cumberland so he could learn on the job and ended up doing nothing but leaving Cumberland with no policy and in a great spot to get the town sued. Dan Connors, the same guy who collects his weekly paycheck from none other than Joseph Montalbano. Check it out. Connors works for Montalbano’s law firm. How’s that representing the people of Cumberland?
And if Stevie Alves really just cares about the process and not only on his election, as he states, why isn’t he looking into voter irregularities in all districts? How come they never looked into it before when he won?

15 years ago

Is their a more appropriate successor to Alves than Rubbers Ruggerio?

15 years ago

the list is very scary………almost all are pro union……at least alves bucked the unions last year… but he had no choice either.

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