On Obama’s disarmament priorities

From Power Line:

We are now three weeks out from the presidential election, and so far as I am aware Barack Obama has not been asked a single question about the disarmament credo he sets forth in the video…
Isn’t it time for someone who covers politics for a living to ask Obama a few serious questions about this credo? Or for John Mccain to note it?

Watch the video and hear Obama in his own words.
Rubin describes one of the obvious implications of a unilateral disarmament mentality:

Joe Biden said it again today: “We will end this war.” Referring to Iraq neither he or Barack Obama ever say “win.” They never even say “secure the gains.” One hopes they don’t really believe their campaign hooey. They must understand victory is nearly at hand, and all that is required is a patient transition and a deliberate plan for insuring that violence does not resurface, right? We really don’t know, but at some point the rhetoric becomes reality and he, his supporters and the overwhelmingly Democratic Congress will act accordingly.
This all might be a good topic for the final debate: why is “end” always the goal and not “win”? What does that message transmit to our enemies?…

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15 years ago

Funny, I was just thinking that it is now three weeks before the election and Sarah Palin has yet to hold a press conference. Of course, given the implosion of the McCain campaign, Palin, as bewilderingly frightening and ignorant as she is, is the least of their worries today.

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

1) This cycle the media doesn’t even seem to be pushing the pretense that it subscribes to “journalistic integrity” and is making a good faith effort to perform its duty to seek out and report relevant news in an unbiased fashion.
Their determination to not delve into Obama’s background is astounding in its inherent bias – particularly with someone with such a scant time on the national stage. The contrast to the examination that would be waged regarding a Republican who had a string of, shall we say, “questionable” associates and mentors tells the whole story.
In fact, that they won’t ask hard questions and then willingly accept pre-spun answers at face value (their usual M.O.) indicates that they are aware that his background is so dubious that they dare not broach the subject at all.
2) Obama’s Pollyanish statements make Neville Chamberlain appear, in comparison, to have been astute and prescient. And we all know how that ended up.
3) I hope all of those Democrats in RI (including endorser Patrick Kennedy) are happy when Obama’s promised defense cuts cause hundreds (if not thousands) of layoffs at Raytheon and the other defense contractors on Aquidneck Island.

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