Is Elizabeth Dennigan Implying that She Believes Patrick Kennedy is a Better Representative than James Langevin?

Today’s Political Scene column in the Projo reports on speculation that state representative Elizabeth Dennigan (D – East Providence/Pawtucket), is considering a run in the Democratic primary for Rhode Island’s second Congressional District…

Despite rampant speculation, state Rep. Elizabeth M. Dennigan is refusing to say if she will run for Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District seat occupied by fellow Democrat James R. Langevin.
But she is interested.
That’s according to Langevin’s office, which confirmed that Dennigan requested a private meeting with the congressman late last month.
“All she told him was that she was thinking about running,” Langevin spokeswoman Joy Fox told Political Scene, declining to discuss the meeting in detail. “The congressman takes every challenge seriously. He looks forward to a good-spirited campaign.”
If Representative Dennigan is considering taking the unusual (though legal) step of running for a seat outside of her legal residence, a question worth putting to her is why she believes that Congressman Langevin is less qualified to represent the state of Rhode Island than is current First District Congressman Patrick Kennedy, whom she could also run against.

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14 years ago

Is she pro-abortion? My guess is that it is a lot safer for a pro-abortion Dem to challenge a pro-life Dem, than it is to take on the country’s biggest political dynasty. I’d say the former, for Democrats, is at minimum a resume enhancer; the latter a career ender.
Safe bet it has nothing to do with how good a job either is doing.

14 years ago

Dennigan is a pro-abort. I agree with George’s take. She considers Langevin more vulnerable, due in large part to his social pseudo-conservative stance on abortion (which is really the only thing he’s conservative about), and his lack of a dynastic last name.
Dennigan isn’t the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, so it wouldn’t surprise me that she might exchange a sure win reelection for an unlikely chance at winning against an incumbent. She’s never had a serious House race.

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