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Times are tough, and in Rhode Island, they’re going to get tougher. Everybody is fully justified in keeping their wallets closely held, no matter how much politicians and media types strain to cast it as a sort of civic duty to make sure consumer spending (and debt) doesn’t drag government redistributors and wealthy investors down. It is only more fitting, therefore, that we make our appeal as it ought to be made: on the merits.
It has been through donations and some limited advertising that Anchor Rising has been able to expand its offerings and capabilities. We’ve bought technology. Paid our way into events, as necessary. Reimbursed pay lost in the name of AR-related activities. It doesn’t take a multi-million-dollar infusion of earmarked pork to make such things possible, but frankly, financial realities may soon begin to restrict what we’re able to do — just as what we do becomes more critical.
So, here’s the pitch: We don’t hold back for political reasons, we don’t deceive, and we don’t “play ball” (as tense emails and conversations with opponents and allies alike would amply prove). We just learn for learning’s sake and offer our opinions. We seek out that which we believe we need to know and share it with you — in the form of reportage, of data, of video, of audio — allowing you to respond. Inasmuch as we all work full-time and are involved in other activities, our limits are ever before us, but that is what we do.
We ask you to support us in the effort — to maintain and continue to expand our capacity to dash around this teetering ship of a state pulling, tugging, and shouting so as to right it… or at least to prepare for rescue should it sink.
Subscriptions of $0.25 per day (payments of $7.60 per month) and donations of any size may be made using credit cards via PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary) by clicking the following:

Those who would prefer the more direct route of checks or money orders can make them out to Anchor Rising and send them to:

Anchor Rising
P.O. Box 751
Portsmouth, RI 02871

For advertising, whether along the sides of the blog or as one of these here Community Crier posts, email Justin.

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