Obama’s Agenda and the Nobel Peace Prize

Thoughts on the strategic issues and political agenda driven by Obama’s world view:
Power Line: Paul Rahe on Obama’s Agenda
Charles Krauthammer on Decline is a choice
Peter Wehner links the two concepts of Obama’s agenda and his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize. More thoughts from Jonathan Tobin, Jennifer Rubin and the NR editors.
Bill Whittle reminds us of the American exceptionalism Barack Obama doesn’t believe in.
More valuable thoughts from Andy McCarthy and Peter Kirsanow. Human rights groups are skeptical as are certain liberal opinion leaders.
Previous AR foreign policy posts here, here, here, here, and here.
reason.TV ridicules the award while Obama finally says something many people can agree with.
Meanwhile, let your thoughts and prayers be with the people who were nominated for the Peace Prize but lacked the celebrity status of Obama or Gore. It is truly these people who are making valiant efforts to bring peace to the world.
As a reminder, more thoughts on the alternative view of American exceptionalism here: Happy Birthday, America! and William Allen: George Washington as America’s First Progressive.
More on who awarded the Nobel to Obama.
Victor Davis Hanson adds his thoughts on Lessons from Oslo and Mark Steyn asks Who Really Won? In diminishing American power abroad, Obama and the U.S. choose decline.
SNL on Nobel Peace Prize.
Just One Minute on Peggy Noonan wants to write Obama’s Nobel Speech.
Jennifer Rubin on America’s Not Big Enough for Him.
It could have been so different and influenced the future for the better.
Neville Chamberlain would, no doubt, approve of Obama’s latest with Russia. How does this advance the cause of peace or America’s interests?

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Sam Kaufman
14 years ago

my first thought was that maybe they’re making up for Chicago not getting the Olympics

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