The Tea Party’s Outreach

One theme that was repeated at yesterday’s Tax-Day Tea Party rally was that the Tea Party can only be successful over the long term, if it continues to grow itself by reaching out to others…

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14 years ago

Colleen’s outreach would be better received if she didn’t try to divide union members from their leadership, a disingenuous tactic that appeals to few union members. Those who go for that kind of rhetoric curse their union leaders while reaping the benefits of their efforts.

14 years ago

Agreed, Andrew. I for one have never been silent about issues such as immigration, English as the official language, unionizing day care workers and others. I’ve never been criticized by my local, or asked to tone it down. Nobody I know of is forced into anything, we are free to speak our minds and vote however we choose. A few of our members have run for office-as Republicans.
I was a vocal supporter of the Tea Party last year, wrote a blog post supporting the movement ( my blog is read mostly by union firefighters and EMT’s, I think) and was thanked for my support by the most anti-union talk show personality there is, John Dipietro being given star status as a spokesperson for the Tea Party. His show consistently insults and degrades members of my profession. Steve Laffey is another anti-union person given high status within the RI Tea Party.
My soapbox is wearing out, but one more thing; most people, union members or not don’t know or care about any of this. The vast majority of Rhode Islanders are unaware of anything but their own lives and struggles.

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