Signature Coverage of John Loughlin

I caught up with First District Congressional Candidate John Loughlin at a signature party last evening in Lincoln. After complaining to the candidate about his habit of not using a microphone wherever he can avoid it, sometimes leading to poor-quality audio in large-group settings, I asked Mr. Loughlin a few questions about his campaign…
Anchor Rising: If you were to be elected Congressmen from the First District of Rhode Island, how would the relationship between the Federal Government and the people of the First District of Rhode Island change?
First District Congressional Candidate John Loughlin: “It enhances it significantly. One of the things that we saw recently is that it’s a significant disadvantage to having one party control the entire Congressional delegation. We had this horrific flooding, it was actually in the Second Congressional District. Our delegation went out there. The President of the United States came and flew over the top of Rhode Island, went to a fundraiser in Boston, and got back into his plane and flew back over the top of Rhode Island and went back to Washington, largely because he knows he’s got four safe votes, two safe votes in the Senate, two safe votes in the House, why pay any attention to Rhode Island…” (Audio: 0 min 37 sec)
AR: Do you think that the Congress that we have right now should try to do anything big between now and November, or should they wait until the people speak…
JL: “I would prefer that they try not to do anything big, period. I think that cap-and-trade which passed the House and healthcare which passed the House and the Senate and was signed by the President are two examples of big things that should not have been done…” (Audio: 0 min 30 sec)
Anchor Rising: And if you were elected, after November, what would be your top agenda items as a Freshman Congressman?
JL: “Controlling spending, getting Rhode Island and America back to work.” (Audio: 0 min 8 sec)

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