Still More Assembly Candidates on the Chafee Promise that the Legislature Will Approve His Sales Tax

Here are more responses, received last night and this morning, to independent candidate Lincoln Chafee’s public assurance that the state legislature will go along with his proposal to extend the Rhode Island sales tax to items currently not taxed, made during Friday’s night WJAR-TV (NBC 10) Gubernatorial debate

If the governor is leading the way on a tax increase…the General Assembly is going to go along. That’s the governor’s leadership. That’s his plan and they can go along with it. That’s going to happen.
Richard Rodi, candidate for State Representative in District 2 (East Providence/Providence) says that…
Chafee does not speak for me! I do not support raising taxes period! I would not support his plan to raise taxes! I am a Clean Slate RI Candidate, we stand for lowering Property Taxes, eliminating the “Car Tax”… through cutting wasteful spending, welfare reform and pension reform just to name a few.
I myself will work to reduce the sales tax at least one percent below Massachusetts in order to bring much needed business from Mass. to RI for a change. People cannot afford to live in Rhode Island as it is.
Dawson Hodgson, candidate for State Senate in District 35 (East Greenwich/North Kingstown/Warwick), says that…
If elected, I will not vote to increase the sales tax.
Bill Surrette, candidate for State Representative in District 14 (Cranston), says that
I will sign on to opposition to Mr. Chafee’s tax increase.
Deloris Issler, candidate for State Senate in the home of the American Revolution, aka District 28 (Cranston/Warwick), says that…
As a citizen of Rhode Island, I do not support Lincoln Chafee’s proposed tax increase, or any other, nor will I vote in favor of one as senator.
Henri Sam Koldyk, candidate for State Representative in District 20 (Warwick), says that…
I absolutely will vote against the Chafee tax increase if I am elected.
David Bibeault, candidate for State Senate in District 22 (North Smithfield/Smithfield), says that…
If Mr. Chafee gets elected, I will oppose his Sales Tax increase/expansion and any other tax/fee/fine increases.
I favor cutting spending so we can actually lower taxes so RI can be more competitive.
And Gip Cabral, candidate for State Senate in District 16 (Central Falls/Cumberland /Pawtucket), says that…
I will not support any tax increases and will work to cut spending and taxes.

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