2010 Election Night 9:00 Ticker

[9:29] House 39, Rod Driver’s old seat I beleive, is 50%-50% with 3 of 9 precincts in, between Michael Picillo (R) and Larry Valencia (D but OCG)
[9:26] I’m through, for the moment. One of the precints already in, in the 1 or 2 or 3 precincts being reported on so far is District 39 in Southern RI.
[9:19] I’m unable to connect to the Board of Elections website. Anyone else having any luck?
[9:12] I know you’re not really this interested in the structural details, I just need to kill time before actual results start coming in.
[9:06] A fresh ticker will start on each half-hour.
[9:03] Figuring there will be lots of sources giving information and implications of the national stuff, and the statewide stuff, I’ll be dropping observations about the Statehouse races into these “ticker” posts.
[9:00] Polls are closed.

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