Bills Introduced to the Rhode Island Senate (Corporations Committee), February 8-10

Significant Rewrites with Statewide Impact

S0178“No singular entity, company or qualified business” can receive more than 5 million dollars under the Economic Development Corporation Job Creation Guaranty Program. (Would this be related to Curt Schilling deal?)

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact

S0179Prohibits a business from asking for any part of a person’s social security number as part of a transaction, unless it’s a type of business specifically allowed to by law. Companion to H5202
S0180“All financial institutions and credit unions shall continuously maintain security video cameras covering all customer doors, automatic teller machines, and night deposit repositories.” (Comment: Quite a windfall, for vendors in the security camera business.) Companion to H5147
S0265Public utilities commission approval is not required, if a telecommunications utility wants to offer a retail discount to business customers.

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12 years ago

Yes, S0178 is definitely a response to the Schilling deal. His $75m comes from the Job Creation Guaranty Program.

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