Bills Introduced to the Rhode Island Senate (Health and Human Services Committee), February 8-10

Significant Rewrites with Statewide Impact

S0204From the official description: “This act would make various changes to the medical marijuana act…”
S0268From the official description: “This act would eliminate the state coordinating committee on disability rights”.

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact

S0200Physicians are required to screen newborns for conditions including assessment for developmental risk for which there is a medical benefit to the early detection and treatment of the disorder, and an assessment for developmental risk.
S0201From the official description: “This act would prevent disclosure of a patient’s health care information through ex parte contacts with a health care provider by persons other than the patient or his or her legal representative”.
S0202Adds shared living programs to the list of programs covered by the “Long-Term Care Ombudsperson Act of 1995”. Companion to H5278.
S0203Adds home nursing care providers, home care providers and hospice providers to the list of facilities that have to get state permission for equipment or service expansion expenditures over certain amounts (in our unbridled free-market system of medical care.)
S0267“Allegations of physical and/or sexual assault” made by nursing home patients must be reported to the authorities within 24 hours of their being made.

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