No Debt Ceiling Vote Tonight

Various sources tweeting from Captiol Hill are saying there will be no debt ceiling vote tonight.

Robert Costa from National Review Online: Top GOP member confirms no vote tonight, still working on whip count and changes. Weary mood among leadership. Not lost, but no slam dunk
However, there’s some kind of activity with the House Rules committee scheduled for later tonight…
Chad Pergram from Fox News: Rules Committee will convene around 11 pm, per sr. House source.
An apparent correction of the above, the House Rules committee will meet at 11:00 am tomorrow, concerning the debt ceiling bill, not at 11:00 pm tonight…
Chad Pergram of Fox News: Rules to meet at 11 am…to give them the ability to write a new rule tomorrow to govern a tweaked bill. No idea what tweaks are.

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
10 years ago

The government is really looking bad here-that includes the Tea Party people who are making unrealistic demands;the liberals who keep wanting to spend like a drunken sailor;and the President who doesn’t like anyone to defy him because he thinks he’s a dictator.
I am conservative,but frankly I am sick of the insanity coming out of Rand Paul and the hypocrisy of Michelle Bachmann.
The Democrats’ insistence on a long term debt ceiling rise are playing the crassest form of election politics here to the detriment of the country.
I would very much like to see the loopholes for the corporations and some of the very rich eliminated.
Hedge fund managers and insurance executives aren’t exactly creating a whole lot of jobs.
The loopholes for middle class Americans are closed as fast as they
Case in point:There was a ONE YEAR deduction of the first $1000 of property tax for those filin the short form tax return.That’s gone now with property taxes rising.THAT was something the Tea Party could’ve made a stand on.They apparently didn’t.
The consumer credit interest deduction has been gone for decades.Why not bring it back?Because the elitists in both parties don’t give a sh*t.
It seems our government will bail out bankers and brokerages and then turn to the middle class people to make up the difference.
Most average Americans feel caught between the parasites and the plutocrats.
I don’t look forward to the United States having its stature in the world ruined to satisfy the egos of totally irresponsible politicians.
There are no good guys right now in Washington.

Max Diesel
Max Diesel
10 years ago

I see mixed messages from the media. On one nightly news show they said that the ‘Tea Party Caucus’ had voted to support the Boehner bill and that other ‘unexpected’ conservatives rejected it. I got just the opposite on another network. So what’s the real story?

10 years ago

The Tea Party people are making perfectly reasonable demands. The financial markets would cheer in the streets if realism and self-discipline were to gain the upper hand in our federal government and impose genuine, not false, spending cuts on the monster.

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