As someone who was not touched directly by the killing on September 11, it was American Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon that led, on a personal level, to my most fearful moments of the day. On the radio, John Dennis relayed an unconfirmed report that smoke was rising from the Pentagon. If the report was true and the Pentagon was burning (as turned out to be the case), there could be no doubt that there was coordinated attack against the whole United States. Now I worried about how many places in the country were about to come under attack, and where the closest attack to me might come from, and what did I need to do to prevent being killed before I knew what hit me.
Fortunately, outside of my mind, and as the people at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center were dealing with the killing and attempted killing around them, a real counter-attack was about to get underway…

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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
12 years ago

I have always wished that Tom Clancy hadn’t published his novel on how to attack America by airliner.

12 years ago

Clancy also wrote about how the Soviet Union might initiate WWIII during the 80’s. Should he have not done that in case the Ruskies were looking for ideas?
One of Clancy’s more recent fictional terrorism incidents involves multiple shooters at a shopping mall. Should we be crossing our fingers that bin Laden didn’t read that one?
The idea that Muslim terrorists read American techo-thrillers for new and creative terrorism ideas is laughable at best.

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