Mitt Wins, Paul Places no one else really shows

So, to no one’s surprise, in the lightly attended primary, Mitt won RI and 4 other Northeastern states and has all but technically locked up the GOP Presidential nomination with Newt ready to throw in the towel (the book tour must be over). Ron Paul marches on and I find I’m in agreement with Politico as to why Paul does well amongst New Englanders of middle/right mindset:

The numerous universities and small liberal arts colleges that dot the landscape probably help his cause, given his appeal to the youth vote. So does the fact that New England isn’t as hawkish as other parts of the country. Then there is small town and rural New England — ancestrally Republican, with distinct libertarian coloring and vestiges of skin-flint fiscal conservatism.

That last bit hits particularly close to home!

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12 years ago

Nice to see you posting Marc. You are mending well,I hope?
About that quote,doesn’t really sound like New England to me.
My in-laws,in their very late eighties,grew up in small town MA. My mother-in-law told me a story about being chastised by family members for talking like a Republican when she expressed an opinion that wasn’t in line with the Democrats when she was a younger woman.
From another perspective,I don’t see Ron Paul as a darling of the liberal arts set. That’s the Obama crew as I see it.

12 years ago

Helen, thanks, almost there. My perspective is based on my growing up in rural(ish) Maine and generally being familiar with Northern New England, which was very Republican until all of those Massachusetts people (of whom you spoke!) started moving in! LOL.

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