Cicilline, Langevin Tried to Increase Health Costs on Thursday

I remember seeing all those senior citizens during the election cycle two years ago. That David is such a sweetheart. David will protect Social Security. David is looking out for the seniors. I don’t remember seeing anything similar from Langevin, but he wasn’t campaigning quite as hard.
So exactly how are Cicilline and Langevin looking out for the seniors when they’re trying to increase the cost of health care on medical devices? As part of Obamacare, a 2.3% tax was added to medical devices. We’re not talking pennies here, we know how much health care costs and how much medical devices cost. Often, for cardiac care or dialysis or joint replacements, costs can run into the thousands of dollars. Yet here we have Cicilline and Langevin trying to add to that cost. Heck, the manufacturer will just eat that cost right? Let’s stick it to big business. HA! No, it’ll be passed on to the hospitals who will then pass it on to the patients.
On Thursday, the US House voted in favor of repealing this tax on medical devices. Here is how the vote broke down, including Cicilline and Langevin on the “nay” side, meaning they wanted to keep the tax, add more cost to health care on everyone, but especially on our senior citizens.
Add on to this, more “par for the course” from Cicilline. On his Saturday Twitter feed:

David N. Cicilline ‏@davidcicilline
Had a great time at Netroots today. Excited to participate in a panel on high-tech manufacturing in the morning.

Oh good. I’m guessing the point of him being on that panel was how to stick it to high-tech manufacturing? How to tax them more? How to drive up their costs? I hope that is the tack he took because that is how he voted in Congress.
Remember, don’t go by what a politician tells you, go by what he does. Even for a “sweethaht” like David Cicilline.

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Max D
Max D
10 years ago

See it – tax it.

10 years ago

“Remember, don’t go by what a politician tells you, go by what he does.”
Kind of like when David told us he was leaving Providence in good financial shape.
The only truth in that statement was that he was “leaving Providence”.
With any luck, David will be leaving Washington in November.

10 years ago

BUSTED! Nice work Pat!

10 years ago

“We have to pass the bill so we can see what is in it.” Remember that line RI’ers that voted for the charlatan-in-chief Hussein Obama and all the dems in Congress. We are now seeing what is in it and it is a nightmare. ” Free” health care for all! goes the cry. The reality is a descent into slavery.

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