Brown Poll Gives Insight on RI Voter Mindset

The latest Brown Poll is full of approval ratings and horse-race numbers. Ian Donnis and Ted Nesi are just a couple of those breaking it down. For me, the most interesting was the contrast between question #15 and #16:

15. Would you describe the state of Rhode Island’s economy these days as excellent, good, not so good, or poor? excellent 0.0%; good 5.2%; not so good 32.1%; poor 61.3%; DK/NA 1.4%
16. Would you describe the state of your own personal finances these days as excellent, good, not so good, or poor? excellent 7.1%; good 54.2%; not so good 25.6%; poor 12.1%; DK/NA 1.0%

Basically, while only 5% of those surveyed say the RI economy is good, 61% say their own finances are either excellent (7%) or good (54%). Yet, they also think the state is going “on the wrong track”:

17. Generally speaking, would you say things in Rhode Island are going in the right direction, or have they gotten off on the wrong track? right direction 16.3%; off on wrong track 60.9%; mixed 18.1%; not sure 3.7%; no answer 1.0%

So, to summarize, 93% of Rhode Islanders say the state’s economy is not so good or poor, 61% say the state is headed the wrong way, but 61% also say they’re doing OK. And the latter is the key. It is why we get this:

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling the economy? approve 55.2%; disapprove 39.5%; DK/NA 5.3%

Despite worries about their neighbors or the state or the state, when it comes right down to it, people vote their own experience and interests. Or at least how they feel about it.

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David S
David S
9 years ago

So what you are saying– when people come to this site and other sites like WPRO and get a steady diet of negative news manipulation and commentary… they articulate a negative view of the world around them. When those same people are asked about their own experiences………… I guess you can pat yourselves on the back for successful work well done.

9 years ago

David S – Will you apply your criticism to progressive websites such as RIFuture as well? Their messages are extremely negative: corporations control everything, the rich are all greedy, people are evil, markets don’t work, life is unfair, everyone’s a victim, etc.

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