Liveblogging/Livetweeting the 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate

Patrick Laverty >> Amazing that you can be disrespectful, angry and condescending in a debate and still be thought of as having won. #SympathyVote
Justin Katz >> After sleeping on it: That debate was bizarre. This cartoon captures it:
Justin Katz >> Suspect we’ll be seeing much more of this sort of thing
Justin Katz >> For some reason, I awake this morning with this classic movie clip in mind:
Justin Katz >> One more. That was fast:
Justin Katz >> Old Seinfeld joke: The finger on the remote control is last bodypart to go to sleep. New reality: substitutes mouse clicker. Goodnight!
David Burge @iowahawkblog >> #ThingsThatMakeBidenLaugh thermonuclear war, dead ambassadors, $16 trillion debts, wacky Hindu convenience store clerks << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Patrick Laverty >> @JustinKatzRI That adds up to just short of 82 minutes. I wonder how they count the time they talked over each other.
Ramesh Ponnuru @RameshPonnuru >> Email reminds me why Biden could say Medicare Advantage rolls are going up: Admin started legally ?able demo project to get through election << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> Summary of Biden on abortion: I believe human life starts at conception, but I won’t tell anybody else when they can kill their children.
William L Patenaude @CatholicEcology >> Amen: “My faith informs me about how to take care of the vulnerable, about how to make sure that people have a chance in life.” @PaulRyanVP << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Gerry McCracken @GerryMcCracken >> @EdMorrissey @IngrahamAngle “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet” Proverbs 29:9 << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> “More telling is my apolitical wife, who watched the debate for 20 min & left the room. ‘I can’t take Biden any more!'”
Steven A. Cook @stevenacook >> I dont understand the spin room? Why report on the lies ppl tell? << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Justin Katz >> Krauthammer: On transcript, tie. Radio, Biden won. TV, Ryan won.

Justin Katz >> Looks like you may only get two bites at thuh (sp?) apple.
Todd Kincannon @ToddKincannon >> Key statistic of the debate: Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 96 times. Paul Ryan interrupted Joe Biden 6 times. << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> Chris Wallace: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a debate in which one member was so openly disrespectful.
Justin Katz >> Wishful thinking or spin? RT @robertawalshjr: Game Changed Back! VP did what he needed to do!
Justin Katz >> Biden laughed at 10% unemployment in Scranton (sp?)
_spell @_spell >> @JustinKatzRI ‘Sustern’ could be Cistern, Sustain, Sister, Austen, Astern, Stern, Sisters, Subteen, Justen, Sistering or Eastern. << Retweeted by Justin Katz
_spell @_spell >> @JustinKatzRI Sumptuous spelling! ‘using’ is right! << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> Did anybody else know that using (sp?) in a tweet generates an automatic thesaurus reply? Neat.
Justin Katz >> Greta Sustern (sp?): I was surprised that I didn’t like Joe Biden, there.
Justin Katz >> At least on Fox, Biden demeanor is the bipartisan story of the debate. If that’s broadly true, it’s not good for Biden.
Andrew Morse >> David Axelrod uses a rehearsed glib line criticizing rehearsed glib lines. #meta
Andrew Morse >> Chuck Todd is saying Ryan did enough to show he’d be able to be Prez if necessary, which is the most important thing in a VP debate.
Justin Katz >> @candrewmorse @DeeDeQuattro Depends on criteria. Undecideds looking for a #2 guy? Don’t know. Looked like a jerk.
Andrew Morse >> .@DeeDeQuattro …so many will just go with “I’ll take the free stuff Joe Biden is giving away!”
Justin Katz >> Democrat stalwart Joe Trippi found Biden’s smirking “condescending and overdone”
Andrew Morse >> .@DeeDeQuattro Ryan wasn’t clear enough on the wonky stuff to swing many undecideds…
Andrew Morse >> .@DeeDeQuattro Mild victory for Biden.
Rich Lowry @RichLowry >> Ryan finished strong last half hr; how u judge first hr depends on what you make of biden’s jerkiness << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Elizabeth Scalia @TheAnchoress >> Much more interested in public read than press reax << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> @marccomtois @AaronFrechette Well, that’s not surprising. I’ll say that she was more rational than Biden.
Justin Katz >> Fox news: Biden 41 minutes 50 sec. Ryan 40 min 5 sec.
OSTPA @OSTPA1 >> VP debate, Raddatz did a great job as moderator << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Marc Comtois >> Welp, there’s an hour and a half I’ll never get back. Start spinning! OUT.
Marc Comtois >> @JustinKatzRI : @AaronFrechette isn’t alone. it’s a developing establishment meme. Many MSMers, pollsters, beltway types tweeted out same.
Josh Barro @jbarro >> This debate was a draw. Will read to most voters as two guys bickering, often incomprehensibly. << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> What??? RT @aaronfrechette: Can I nominate the level headed Martha Radditz for VP instead of either of these clowns? They’re immature…
MARK SIMONE @MarkSimoneNY >> Dick Morris: “My take on debate: No impact on the election. Boring. Politicians squabbling.” << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Stylistic observation: Ryan needed to hit the emotional tone in his final set of answers, in a few answers directly to Biden.
Tom E. Curran @tomecurran >> Follow me! My feed is free of political or religious commentary! Because I don’t care what you think and you don’t care what I think. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Didn’t Biden vote for the September 11 AUMF and the War in Iraq?
Ramesh Ponnuru @RameshPonnuru >> Oh, now Raddatz wants to “calm things down.” What a hack. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Oops. Nope. But Ryan should have emphasized that Biden voted for military actions.
Justin Katz >> Is Biden getting both the first word and the last word?
Taylor Twellman ✔ @TaylorTwellman >> If every defender that I played against called me “my friend” every time he kicked elbowed and tackled me, I would punch him #VPdebate << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Kaczynski @BuzzFeedAndrew >> So Joe Biden contradicted the State Department on Benghazi security. … << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Ramesh Ponnuru @RameshPonnuru >> I preferred the Biden who wanted to overturn Roe. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Newt Gingrich ✔ @newtgingrich >> Biden absurdly wrong “syria five times bigger than libya” FACTS libya 679,362 square miles- syria 71, 500 biden totally wrong << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Matt Allen @MattAllenShow >>@marccomtois wow you’re right Marc. I’m watching on tv now from the beginning. The meter does not like Biden. << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Justin Katz >> Interesting Biden move: turn a question about negative ads into a negative ad against his opposition after a debate of anger and sneering.
kirsten powers ✔ @kirstenpowers10 >> Biden’s ‘i accept the church’s teaching that abortion is murder” but people shld be able to do it is 1 of the most specious args ever made << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Christine Rousselle @crousselle >> I’m in a room full of Catholics and we all just guffawed at Biden. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse I see. Take no option off the table, at least, not publicly.
Justin Katz >> Am I wrong to see bias in the fact that they’re not showing Biden’s (audible) scoffing about Ryan’s emotional pro-life statement?
Andrew Morse >> @MoniqAR …if they think the US administration is hyperadverse to using force against force in the ME?
Mary Paoletti @Mary_Paoletti >> Biggest thing I take from the debate: If a person addresses you as “My friend,” he wants to rip out your eyeballs & pee in your skull. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> @MoniqAR If the attackers regard Benghazi as a success, what’s stopping them from escalating, on a future September 11…
Andrew Morse >> @MoniqAR Saying no boots on the ground in the Middle East; how do we respond then if another attack starts?
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse How?
Kristina @KristinaRibali >> Sitting in a house with three independents. They find Biden very rude and bullish. Their words. #vpdebate << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Vice President Biden has to realize he is risking greenlighting more Benghazi style attacks.
Andrew Morse >> Ryan doesn’t do gray eminenceness on foreign policy very well.
Mary Katharine Ham @mkhammer >> I never dislike the moderator as much as others seem to. Except for this time: << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Drew Ryun @DrewRyun >> The Graph! The Graph! Wow. The focus group hates Biden. I think he’s been north of the line once while Ryan rockets above it every time. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Michael Graham @MGraham969 >> Anyone who thinks anything is happening OTHER THAN Biden screwing himself, you’re over dosing on Kool-Aid << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jay Severin III @Jay_Severin >> Is this broadcast Fully or partially paid for by Obama campaign? Is Martha Raddatz Fully or Partially paid by Obama campaign? << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Biden answers with classic D incoherence: Timeline is tough on our allies, and [implied] who cares about impact on our enemies.
Joe Henchman @jdhenchman >> Biden says you need to cut off help or else people will never step up for themselves. He was referring to Afghanistan but it’s broadly true << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Justin Katz >> I have to wonder if the Obama/Biden strategy is now to suppress voter turnout through frustration with the whole crappy process.
Andrew Morse >> Another solid follow-up from Raddatz -> Doesn’t a timeline help enable green-on-blue.
Sean Davis @seanmdav >> Prediction #1: reporters are going to RAVE abt Raddatz’s performance, b/c they all desperately want to be on stage as equals w/ nominees. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Max Boot @MaxBoot >> “We are leaving in 2014, period,” Biden says. What message does that send to Taliban. #debates << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Dana Loesch ✔ @DLoesch >> See? Going to the weddings of journalists pays off. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Lyford Beverage @LyfordBeverage >> I think that the Obama/Biden base is probably stoked right now. The independent middle that they need – not so much… << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Eddie McClintock ✔ @EddieMcClintock >> Whether you’re a REP or DEM, nothing says, “I’m a snide asshole.” like continuing to laugh in the face of your opponent. #RESPECT << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
David Burge @iowahawkblog >> Joe Biden should replace Steve Carrell in Anchorman 2 I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM YELLING << Retweeted by Monique C
Justin Katz >> No, Joe. We went into Afghanistan to stop its being a base of operations for terrorists. It wasn’t an assassination trip.
Laura Ingraham ✔ @IngrahamAngle >> Why does Raddatz want to “move on” when Ryan is getting traction? << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jon Ralston @RalstonReports >> RT @samyoungman: People who like Biden will think this is the greatest debate ever. Folks who don’t will find him at his most obnoxious. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Savannah @thesavvy >> I really hate Joe Biden right now. He’s an ass. No political reason, he’s just an ass. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Biggest effect so far, I think, is that people who don’t like Joe Biden don’t like him more.
Jacob Sullum @jacobsullum >> Ryan is defining a slower increase in military spending as a cut. #debates << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jason Wolfe @jasonlwolfe >> Hey Martha. SHUT UP AND LET THEM TALK!!!!!!! #VPdebate << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
John Podhoretz @jpodhoretz >> Raddatz crossed a line there. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Ryan didn’t meet wonky expectations, in the tax segment.
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse Now more than ever, that needs to change. Give individuals that deduction.
Ramesh Ponnuru @RameshPonnuru >> Are normal people still watching this? << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Elizabeth Scalia @TheAnchoress >> “@philipaklein: Every time Biden starts interrupting Ryan, Martha Raddatz cuts Ryan off.” noticed that. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Biden: “The greatest job creators are the hedge fund guys.” Interesting.
Justin Katz >> I’d bet most folks have turned this off. Biden & moderator have turned it into a talking head show.
Luke Russert ✔ @LukeRussert >> Biden’s strategy is one based on emotion as opposed to Ryan trying to be fact based << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO >> Wow, Biden’s being an ass. << Retweeted by Monique C
Andrew Morse >> Middle class people don’t get a healthcare deduction, Mr. Biden. Corporations do.
Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO >> Wow, Biden’s being an ass. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Chuck Woolery @chuckwoolery >> I wouldn’t even let two people on a bad date interrupt each other as much as martha lets Biden << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> VP’s tone borders on contemptuous.
Justin Katz >> If (per moderator) Romney/Ryan have no details, how is Biden able to refute so many specifics about their plan?
Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet >> #debates She is not alternating Ryan and Biden but going to Biden more << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Fair question on specifics of lowering taxes from Raddatz. Ryan makes reference to six studies.
Justin Katz >> Moderator bias comes through in a big way on tax questions.
Monique C >> When is Martha going to ask VP Biden for specifics, as she just did of Ryan?
kirsten powers ✔ @kirstenpowers10 >> Funny RT @MZHemingway: Tonight, Joe Biden is embodying everything that women hate about talking with men. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois · 226 Retweets 32 favorites
Charles Sykes @SykesCharlie >> “@PatrickRuffini: Dials flat on Biden attacks.” << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Patrick Laverty >> Biden: “I made social security viable through 2033” Great, then what happens in 2034?
Andrew Morse >> Biden is defintiely winning the I want mine, and I don’t where it comes from vote. What % of the electorate is that?
Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO >> Raddatz seems to think her job is to interrupt Ryan. << Retweeted by Monique C
David Martosko @EditMeDavid >> Biden says “who do you trust?” and the dial meter plummets among men. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Walter Russell Mead @wrmead >> If CNN’s voter lines are right, women like Ryan more than men, and both like him more than Biden. Seems odd. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> So what’s Biden plan on Social Security, other then let it crash after I’m out of office.
Justin Katz >> Mr. Biden, you can’t get less than the nothing that no Social Security reform has led my generation to expect.
Nicholas Kristof ✔ @NickKristof >> Impressive & substantive debate all around. Ryan very solid. Biden at his best. And I’m voting Radditz for VP! << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Tiffani El Dawn Mims @tmims50 >> Most females can’t stand being cut off bc we are so much.. Now #Biden is ticking off the moderators. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Matthew Zeitlin @MattZeitlin >> Wow, it’s almost like people’s views on who’s doing better in the debate track their partisan preferences! << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Peter Beinart ✔ @PeterBeinart >>afraid that liberals like me like super-aggressive Biden but less ideological folks will find him overbearing << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> By what measure? RT @mattallenshow: So far Ryan is getting creamed.
Tiffani El Dawn Mims @tmims50 >> How many times has #bush #Palin has been brought into this debate? Are they on the ticket? << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Ramesh Ponnuru @RameshPonnuru >> Ryan coming across as respectful, Biden as not. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Good response from Ryan to Biden interruptions. Wonder if that was planned or spontaneous.
Marc Comtois >> Flashed over to NFL for a sec. Titans up by 3. Confess that I lingered due to gratuitous cheerleader shot. #backtogrinningUncleJoe
Monique C >> Ryan: They got caught turning Medicare into a piggy bank for ObamaCare.
Justin Katz >> Trying to be objective. Biden’s explanations lose me, and I just see bluster.
Justin Katz >> Both RT @eniedowski: @JustinKatzRI I can’t remember, was the ham green too, or just the eggs?
GregGutfeld ✔ @greggutfeld >> Wow, it’s like Joe is talking to me (if I’m a frightened commuter on the Acela). << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Obama’s former car czar recently began an NYT op-ed by saying “We need death panels”. …
Monique C >> AARP supported ObamaCare, VP Biden, b/c they will benefit mightily from it!
Michael Graham @MGraham969 >> Stop complaining about Martha! The more Biden talks, the more people like my wife go “Geezz–what an as-swi-pe!” << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jason Hawes ✔ @Jchawes >> Trying to figure out if Biden’s lit or he just likes to sit & laugh a lot. He prob shouldn’t have had that brownie prior.😉 << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> … wait, Martha, not so fast: where ARE those 5 million green jobs?
Justin Katz >> Goes well with green eggs. RT @eniedowski: Green pork?
Andrew Morse >> Didn’t Biden vote for both the September 11 AUMF and the Iraq War?
Monique C >> What job bill is VP Biden talking about??? Printing more paper for China to buy so fed govt can send more stimulus $$ to state/local gov’t?
Byron York @ByronYork >> My guess: So many reporters asking ‘How will voters respond to Biden’s grinning/smiling?’ because they sense reaction must be negative… << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Why does the moderator reward Biden for interrupting?
Dee DeQuattro @DeeDeQuattro >> Biden finds unemployment funny? #WPRO2012 << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Erika Niedowski @eniedowski >> My timeline: people who support Biden say Biden killing it. People who support Ryan say Ryan killing it. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Ryan should point out that this “tax cut for the middle class” is already in place and hasn’t saved the economy.
kirsten powers ✔ @kirstenpowers10 >> Good line from Ryan — The VP knows the words don’t always come out the way you mean. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse We need to send you to the Ethics Commission for a ruling.
Patrick Laverty >> So Biden *did* mean that the middle class has been buried for the last four years.
Patrick Laverty >> Biden: “I always say what I mean.” Oh good.
Andrew Morse >> Full disclosure: I have family members who live in Northboro.
Justin Katz >> But Ryan should have hopped on the smirk: “You can go ahead and smirk at people unemployed in your home town…”
Larry Sabato @LarrySabato >> In 1 answer, Biden has used more good attack lines than Obama mustered in 90 mins! << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Justin Katz >> Excellent Scranton reference from Ryan. Biden’s interruption seems petulant, seems to me.
Monique C >> Paraphrasing Biden: my parents are poor; Romney is rich. So vote for Obama/Biden.
Megan McArdle @asymmetricinfo >> Interesting. The harder Biden attacks Romney, the more the dials go down. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Biden brings the 47% remark into the discussion, in response to an economic question.
Patrick Laverty >> How long until Biden stands up and slams his chair down? So angry.
Monique C >> @marccomtois Ouch.
Jeff Greenfield @greenfield64 >> Ok, it’s official. Biden’s laugh will lead all the analysis. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
David Martosko @EditMeDavid >> Big credibility dip on the @CNN happy-meter when Biden says “this president doesn’t bluff.” << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Dan Kennedy @dankennedy_nu >> I’m sure it’s difficult, but Biden needs to start acting like he takes Ryan seriously, regardless of the reality. #vpdebate << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Josh Barro @jbarro >> Stop calling the economy a national security issue. It renders “national security” meaninglessly broad. << Retweeted by Justin Katz
Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet >> #debates So far it is Biden way ahead. Ryan looks like a kid. Confused, weak, What the hell is a “precondition policy”? << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Leonardo Alcivar @alcivar >> FACT: State Department Yesterday: Budget Had Nothing To Do With Security Decisions At Benghazi #debates << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> @JustinKatzRI YES.
David Martosko @EditMeDavid >> CNN’s happy-meter shows people aren’t buying what Joe’s selling. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> Biden: Said “Bibi” five times. We’re supposed to hear: boy, is this admin tight with Israel.
Marc Comtois >> 20 Minutes in and I think avg. voter has probably hit the “eyes-glazed-over, where’s-honey-boo-boo” moment.
Jeff Jacoby @Jeff_Jacoby >> Every president since Carter (very much including G.W.Bush) has failed the Iran test. Obama is just the latest in a long line. #VPDebate << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Justin Katz >> I’m biased for political and personality reasons, but I have to believe the “aggressive Joe” persona rubs most folks wrong.
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse Do they believe that they could deal Iran a crippling blow without bringing about war?
Larry Sabato @LarrySabato >> Ryan projecting well & Biden’s already shown more energy than Obama did in 90 mins. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois · 56 Retweets 8 favorites
Andrew Morse >> Ryan needs to provide more details about the legislation he’s referring to, to be convincing.
Rich Lowry @RichLowry >> Biden apparently thinks laughing at your opponent constitutes getting tough in a debate << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO >> “Most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions”? Uh fact check please << Retweeted by Monique C
Andrew Morse >> Classic Biden whipsaw. YOU want war, followed by WE’RE quite confident WE could deal Iran a crippling blow.
Robert Cushman @Cushman_Bob >> Round 1 to Ryan << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Patrick Laverty >> Fun. Joe Biden on how to build a nuclear bomb.
Katty Kay @KattyKayBBC >> It is ironic that the WH is being put on the defensive in this debate on the very area they have been strongest, national security. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Patrick Laverty >> Jason Sudeikis seems like he’s getting angry.
Gerry Callahan @HeyCallahan >> That’s it, 10 minutes on Benghazi, the biggest scandal of Obama administration. Thank you, Martha. Biden looks more relieved than A-Rod. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Andrew Morse >> Joe Biden looks how I’m afraid typing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA comes across.
David Limbaugh @DavidLimbaugh >> This was all planned in advance irrespective of Ryan’s answer. Attack dog Joe, planned. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Dubes @mdubes77 >> Bit of free advice for Joe Biden … lose the smirk and Phil Mickelson smile … its creepy << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Monique C >> Excellent; Biden goes on the record: “We did not know they wanted more security”. Something that can be confirmed or refuted.
Andrew Morse >> Biden: “We did not know they wanted more security”.
Andrew Morse >> Strong follow up from Raddatz; Biden attempts to throw the “intelligence community” under the bus.
Andrew Morse >> Biden: “These guys bet against America all the time”.
James Pethokoukis @JimPethokoukis >> This is an old fashioned donnybrook #oldfashionedwords << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Patrick Laverty >> “These guys bet against America all the time.” Wow.
Monique C >> Thumbs down on this moderator. She frames the Libyan attacks very favorably to Obama and now criticized Romney’s statement of the next day.
Andrew Morse >> Ryan: “It’s never too early to speak out for our values”.
kirsten powers ✔ @kirstenpowers10 >> Very solid Ryan answer on Libya. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Monique C >> Ryan: what we are seeing is the “unraveling of the Obama foreign policy”
Larry Sabato @LarrySabato >> Ryan goes right to Obama’s Libya disaster, then Iraq, then Afghanistan. “Projecting weakness abroad”. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Patrick Laverty >> This Libya situation is funny to Joe Biden?
Robert Cushman @Cushman_Bob >> Binden not even sticking to the question. Ryan going right after the real issue. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
James Pethokoukis @JimPethokoukis >> Wow, pivot from Libya to talking points << Retweeted by Marc Comtois · 14 Retweets 4 favorites
Andrew Morse >> Kind of early for Biden to already go into a set piece.
Monique C >> @CAndrewMorse Yes, your objectivity is now in question …
Monique C >> What??? Libyan attacks were massive intelligence failure??? Why is she spouting the admin’s latest story?
Andrew Morse >> Full disclosure: I once talked to Martha Raddatz for 5 seconds in an airport in 1988.
Marc Comtois >> Not into Veep debate? 3 Women’s college soccer games, WNBA, NFL, MLB playoffs offer competitive alternatives. #don’tmakemewatchveepdebate
Monique C >> It’s all about that three letter word: jobs. Jay Oh Bee Ess. Jobs.
Marc Comtois >> Steelers are beating Titans by 10 pts (pending judges decision). #nfldebate
David Burge @iowahawkblog >> If fewer than 10 incumbent congressional Democrats have self-immolated by 11pm, Biden can declare a moral victory. << Retweeted by Monique C
B Fojtik @PositiveEnerG >> Very helpful to have all the experts tell us everything Biden and Ryan will say during the debate. #VPDebate #stupid << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Michael Graham @MGraham969 >> Debating Biden is like getting into bar fight with a drunken bum–if you punch him all night and he hits you just one good time–you lose. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
New York Daily News ✔ @nydailynews >> Fun Fact: President Obama was a law school friend of moderator Raddatz’s ex-husband, attended their wedding #debates << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Gerry Callahan @HeyCallahan >> Ten minutes to debate. Media declares that Biden did much better than expected. << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Nick D’Andrea @nicoladandrea >> with just over 15 minutes until the VP Debate MSNBC has officially called Pres. Obama the winner of next Tuesday’s Debate. @MGraham969 << Retweeted by Marc Comtois
Marc Comtois >> I don’t know, it looks like the Teens are beating the over 25s on points #XFactorDebates
Marc Comtois >> Pretty sure all Biden has to do is show up & he’s more than half way home to declarations that he won & “it was a good night for the Prez.”
Marc Comtois >> It’s pretty clear Biden won. Oh wait…it isn’t over? #earlyrealeaseofMSMtalkingpoints
Edward Fitzpatrick @FitzProv >> On the other hand, Biden could rattle Ryan if he debates in a Big Bird costume. MT Big Bird costumes flying out … << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Edward Fitzpatrick @FitzProv >> Ryan could rattle Biden if he debates in workout gear. Here’s explanation of why @TIME released fotos MT @WolfBlitzer. << Retweeted by Andrew Morse
Dan Kennedy @dankennedy_nu >> Debate night, and I feel exactly how Obama felt last week: tired, uninterested and grumpy. #vpdebate << Retweeted by Andrew Morse

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10 years ago

Biden acted like a jerk, laughing and grinning through discussion of the wars and unemployment. I kept waiting for Ryan to shut down his disrespectful behavior by stating, “Why is he laughing? These are serious issues.” He let him get away with murder.
Ryan was overly rehearsed. Canned anecdotes were lame, frequently off-topic. I realize he was caught off guard by the “secret stimulus letters,” but all he had to say was those were routine letters on behalf of constituents and he’s always opposed the stimulus.
A wash from my perspective.

10 years ago

The Democrats loved Joe. The Republicans found much to criticize with Joe and felt comfortable with Paul.
The Independents were not watching or were not convinced of anything to make them decide either way.
Result…NO CHANGE coming out of last night, except for baseball fans!

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