Cicilline is Right

I don’t always see eye to eye with the decisions and policies from Congressman David Cicilline and his campaign and maybe some would say that I can even be critical at times. However, now I found something where I think I completely agree with him. I saw this posted on Twitter yesterday by his campaign spokesman, Bill Fischer:

Mr. Uncommon integrity (@doherty2012) has run the nastiest campaign I can recall in RI -pure filth- voters will respond in kind

I couldn’t agree more. Brendan Doherty and his campaign have run the campaign with some really nasty information and it has been completely filled with pure filth. It’s been disgusting.
Brendan Doherty has been telling the truth about David Cicilline and reminding everyone of all the vile, filthy, nasty things that he has done. Cicilline wants to distract and get people to stop looking back at all the things he’s done. Or in the case of his Congressional record, not done.
But yeah, Mr. Fischer is correct when he talks about how we see David Cicilline’s time as mayor. It was nasty and filthy. I’d even add vile and disgusting. Plus, it doesn’t seem to get any better. It was recently shown that the taxpayers of Providence are still responsible for more than a million dollars of bad loans from the Providence Economic Development Partnership (PEDP) during Cicilline’s tenure as mayor.

Between the period of 2006 and 2011 when Congressman Cicilline then mayor was at the helm, a report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development who gave grants to the agency revealed that loans were not properly vetted, there was little oversight, and 58% of the loans were delinquent or in default.

When you have a mayor with that kind of history, you’d expect some kind of mea culpa or at least an apology.

Congressman Cicilline said he does not regret his actions as the chairman of the agency.

That’s unbelievable. He left the city in financial shambles, the problems continue and he has no regrets? Well, that’s one thing that I do believe. That’s exactly the kind of arrogance we’ve come to expect from David Cicilline and how he’ll do anything to move up the political ladder.
We’re in the final home stretch of the campaign with only about nine days to go and the endorsements are coming in. Yes, I’m the one who has said endorsements shouldn’t matter. You should do your own research on each candidate and make up your own mind. However, the Providence Journal sure had some nice things to say about Brendan Doherty today in its endorsement of him over David Cicilline:

On some matters, such as “Obamacare,” he is to the right of us, though he is no Tea Partier. And here we stick in our usual caveat: Campaign rhetoric, however sincerely a candidate might believe in it during a campaign, inevitably bumps into the realities of governing in our complex nation.
On the basis of his background, temperament and character, we believe that Brendan Doherty would be a moderate, thoughtful and flexible congressman who can work with Democrats to get things done, in the tradition of the late U.S. Sen. John Chafee. And in some areas in which he has expertise, such as law enforcement, anti-terrorism and immigration, he could become a congressional leader. Very importantly, we believe that he will tell the public the truth and not just what it wants to hear. Character counts.

I couldn’t agree more.

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
9 years ago

The truth isn’t always pleasant.Doherty has stuck to true criticisms of Cicilline-he has avoided the trap Gemma fell into with allegations he wasn’t ready to prove.
I can’t believe the Journal has managed to dot he right thing here.Some things are so bad that no matter how much dirt you kick over it,the dog turd aspect still takes center stage.Stand by for an impassioned defense by Mr.Block Quote.

9 years ago

Bob Plain has a great piece up on RIFuture about why progressives should vote for Cicilline. Allow me to summarize: “Okay, so he flat-out lied to voters about the financial situation of Providence so that he could attain higher office… so what… what’s important is that he’s a progressive voice in Washington.”
Progressivism: The ends always justify the means. Lie, cheat, distort, screw over whomever, as long as the progressive ends are achieved. They have no central tenet of their political philosophy except – the ends always justify the means. View everything they say and do through that lens and it all makes perfect sense.

Max D
Max D
9 years ago

Calling Doherty’s campaign negative is a misnomer. Recounting history is not being negative. If Doherty was delving into the Congressman’s personal life then I’d call it negative. How many times can you tell people they’ll lose social security, medicare, Pell grants, free birth control, free abortions, and free medical coverage before it’s considered a negative campaign?
I don’t want to hijack this thread but I just got finished watching the Babbling Idiot & Chief of Rhode Island try to explain whether state workers should report for work. I’m glad I don’t need to decipher that little tidbit of gobbledygook. I’m still confused.

Prov Resident
Prov Resident
9 years ago

You forgot the part about the taxpayers paying $375,000 for consultants to come in and fix all that is wrong with PEDP (i.e., all the mismanagement built up over Cicilline’s administration). And the fraud. And the loans to campaign donors.

9 years ago

Thanks Prov Resident. Any word on whether David Cicilline’s brother ever made good on that $75,000 check he owed the city, all the while he’s opening businesses in the city and obtaining licenses?

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