Mac Owens

The Foolish Fourteen

By Mac Owens | June 2, 2005 |

here is a good piece from the LA Times on why the compromise on judicial filibusters was a bad idea, and essentially unconstitutional to boot. The author was at one time the dean of BU’s law school

I couldn’t have said it better myself

By Mac Owens | May 26, 2005 |

Here’s what Hugh Hewitt says about our RINO senator, Lincoln Chafee, in today’s Daily Standard: “Stephen Laffey, the mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, is being urged to take on Senator Lincoln Chaffee in the 2006 primary so that GOP voters don’t have to vote for a Democrat in November 2006. (Chaffee voted against the war,…

Rhode Island’s Greatest Soldier

By Mac Owens | March 7, 2005 |

I had the opportunity to review a very fine book on Nathanael Greene for Sunday’s edition of the NY Post. The review is here. Rhode Island must of course atone for Ambrose Burnside. Fortunately for Rhode Islanders, whenever anyone makes fun of Burnside, they can point out that, second only to Washington, Greene was the…

George Washington and the Hebrew Congregation of Newport

By Mac Owens | February 22, 2005 |

On Washington’s birthday, it is useful to remember why the founding of the United States, with its recognition of the equal natural rights of all, was such a boon to mankind. An emanation of the American Founding was religious freedom and tolerance. The folks at Powerline remind us of a particularly powerful example of the…