Marc Comtois

Free Market Argument for Copyright Reform

By Marc Comtois | November 23, 2012 |

There was a bit of a controversy earlier this week when a policy brief from the Republican Study Committee was released advocating for major copyright reform with regards to intellectual property–and then it was “unreleased”. The reasoning given was the the report was actually not properly vetted, whereas the belief amongst many was that lobbyists–such…

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Marc Comtois | November 22, 2012 |

Given the contemporaneous release of Lincoln, I figured posting our 16th President’s Thanksgiving Proclamation seemed appropriate this year: October 3, 1863 By the President of the United States A Proclamation The year that is drawing toward its close has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are…

To Starve or Gorge the Beast?

By Marc Comtois | November 21, 2012 |

“[W]e’ve got to reduce spending before we can reduce taxes. Well, if you’ve got a kid that’s extravagant, you can lecture him all you want to about his extravagance. Or you can cut his allowance and achieve the same end much quicker. But Government has never reduced. Government does not tax to get the money…

Democrats in U.S. Senate: All Your Emails Has Belonged to US

By Marc Comtois | November 20, 2012 |

From CNET: A Senate proposal touted as protecting Americans’ e-mail privacy has been quietly rewritten, giving government agencies more surveillance power than they possess under current law. CNET has learned that Patrick Leahy, the influential Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, has dramatically reshaped his legislation in response to law enforcement concerns. A vote…

California: The Consequences of Magical Thinking

By Marc Comtois | November 19, 2012 |

As goes California… [H]ow is California doing, now that liberals have successfully terminated the state’s remaining conservatives? For starters, it’s still in debt. Despite Brown’s historic tax hike, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office announced this week that the state still faces a $2 billion budget deficit just for the next fiscal year. California’s liberal electorate…

A Nation Divided

By Marc Comtois | November 18, 2012 |

Two Americas? The idea is nothing new. We learn that almost 23% of Americans are open to the idea of seceding given the recent election results. And we’ve heard reports that 37 Chicago precincts, 59 Philadelphia precincts and multiple others in urban areas gave President Obama 99% support–some with 0 votes for Romney.* Mark Hendrickson…

“May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”*

By Marc Comtois | November 13, 2012 |

I know I’m not alone in taking stock in the aftermath of last Tuesday and I do so realizing that there is an important contrast between conservatism and Republicanism. The national and local GOP continues to navel gaze as to how to make itself more appealing and marketable. In the mean time, conservatives should be…

Thank You Veterans

By Marc Comtois | November 11, 2012 |

This picture is a good example of why we honor our veterans. No matter what, in times when most of us would take cover, they endure out of duty, honor and for their country. Thank you.


By Marc Comtois | November 6, 2012 |

So today is the day. Big election. The fate of thousands of politicians is in our hands. And our own too. No matter what the result, life will go on, albeit with sunnier or cloudier skies depending on your outlook. It’s unfortunate that who we elect for President (or for any office) is as important…

What is it with Democrats and the Dominican Republic?

By Marc Comtois | November 1, 2012 |

First New York Democrat Congressman Charles Rangle wasn’t reporting income generated in the Dominican Republic. Then we learn a major vote bundler for Rhode Island’s own David Cicilline hailed from the Dominican Republic. Now a few ladies from the Dominican Republic are claiming New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez availed himself of their services, albeit at…