Well, Hem, You Know, Haw

U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee (RINO, RI) has promised to remain a Republican, offering the supremely confidence-inspiring declaration: “Yes, at this stage, that is my intention.” In a sad echo of President Bush’s overused phrase in the first debate, Chafee says it is also his intention to “work hard to regain the support” of Republicans. Personally, I think the state GOP chairwoman’s defense of Chafee tells Republican voters all they need to know:

“The media forced him to make statements that were contrary to how he actually views his role,” Morgan said, speaking of Chafee’s months of inconclusive public musings about whether he would support Mr. Bush and remain a member of the Republican Party.
“You guys backed him into a corner,” Morgan said, “and he wasn’t adept enough at dealing with the media to sidestep the issue.”

Perhaps it’s best that he not “rehabilitate that,” as Morgan put it.

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