A Charitable Interpretation

Michelle Malkin color-coded a by-state generosity index to reflect the election outcomes. Wading through the eighteen blue states — not one of which broke the top twenty-five — I found a silver lining for Rhode Island: at least we beat Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Putting aside methodological questions, what could account for RI’s poor showing? One… umm… charitable possibility is that we’re so over-taxed that we’ve little left to give. Adding a layer of culpability to the guess, perhaps Rhode Islanders have a gave-at-the-town-hall attitude.

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Aaron's Rantblog, aka Aaron the Liberal Slayer
19 years ago

Michele Malkin Catches Up

I remember hearing Michael Medved use my Watcher of Weasels award-winning piece from last year (November 6, 2003, to be exact) entitled Generosity in Red and Blue. It wasn’t attributed by him as it was probably forwarded to him, but it was pretty muc…

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